Jehovah’s Witnesses Release an Anti-Gay Video Directed to Children, and It’s As Bad As You Think

On their official website,, Jehovah’s Witnesses have a series of videos aimed at children titled “Become Jehovah’s Friend.” This series follows young Caleb and Sophia and their unnamed parents, as the children learn all about the incessant demands put upon them in order to be god’s friend. The first video, released back in 2012, showed Caleb throwing away a toy given to him by a school chum because it was “magic” and would make Jehovah “sad.”

If that sounds a bit creepy and heavy-handed to you, the latest video in the series, “One Man, One Woman” is sure to rile you up and ruffle some rainbow feathers.

When Happiness Is Not Enough

In this video, Sophia, who is probably supposed to be about 10 years old, comes home from school with a drawing she made of her family. She tells her mother that a classmate, Carrie, made a drawing with *gasp* two mommies. This of course gets an immediate reaction from Sophia’s mom, the same look of controlled shock I get when someone tells me they eat sheep guts or drive a stick shift. Sophia relates that her teacher said, “…all that matters is that people love each other and that they’re happy.”

That sounds like an amazing, positive thought for any child to embrace. Love and happiness are two very important ingredients for any relationship, and for any family home where children are being raised.

Also, it’s probably none of Sophia’s family’s business how another family lives, right?

Perhaps in your world, yes, but this is the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses, where everyone and everything is their business and where everything that doesn’t fit their rules and thinking must change. Setting aside her daughter’s wonderful, beautiful thought about love, the mother immediately begins with a contradictory, “Well…” which is your first sign that love and happiness mean nothing in the JW world. She then tells her daughter about what is “right and wrong,” and literally waves a bible in the girl’s face as she says that Jehovah “wants us to be happy.”

Capture carrie

Carrie and her two mommies. They certainly seem happy to me.

That’s interesting, because Sophia just said that Carrie’s two mommies were happy, and the drawing the little girl had made of those two mommies certainly seemed to back that up. Despite that, mom goes on to talk about how Jehovah made marriage with a man and his wife, and that his standards haven’t changed.

Love Equals Baggage

Mom then likened the prospect of getting into paradise to that of going on an airplane. “What would happen if someone wanted to bring something on the plane that wasn’t allowed?” The little girl gets the point that you wouldn’t be able to go on the trip. The mother then continues this cruel tirade, dripping in condescending sweetness, by saying that, to get to paradise, “…we have to leave some things behind.”

You know, like the spouse you so dearly love and with whom you’ve built such a happy family, whose life overlaps yours, who held your hand when your mother died and held your hair when you got food poisoning that one time, and who tells you every day that you’re beautiful and who laughs with you and who makes you cry and who makes you think and who challenges you and supports you, but who just happens to have the same genitalia as you. That “thing.”

To drive home this point, the cartoon video depicts a man trying to walk through a metal detector-like device in order to get to paradise on the other side, and dropping his shoulder bag in order to be let through. That’s right, your spouse, your partner, your friend and lover, the one who just happens to be of the same gender as you, is an old bag you just drop and sprint away from, like so much dead weight.

Capture behind

The person you love more than anything in the world is compared to just an old shoulder bag you can and should drop and run away from, according to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

As if this horrific lecture on abandoning your family and those that you love simply because they are of the same gender is not hateful enough, Sophia’s mother announces with unmistakable certainty, “People can change!”

She then begins to work with her daughter to devise a plan on what she can tell her classmate about how her wonderful family can get to their version of paradise, provided her two loving, happy mommies give each other up, break up their home and relationship, and simply “change” their sexuality, emotions, and everything else important to them and ingrained into them. This is the message that Sophia’s mother is telling her daughter and is encouraging the daughter to share with another classmate, at the tender age of about ten.

sophiaI can only imagine the enormous pain of this message, if it were received by that classmate, and the outright fear and panic she might experience at her young age. Religious foundation for your beliefs aside, telling a pre-teen child that their parents should break up and stop being together would be nothing short of traumatizing, and perhaps even a form of harassment and bullying. In my humble opinion, it’s a type of hate crime and child abuse.

Telling two other grownup adults that you don’t like their relationship and sexuality is harassing, hurtful, judgmental, and intrusive enough; this is not something you tell a child.

No Respect

Of course, there is also the issue that Sophia’s mother completely missed an opportunity to teach her daughter respect for other people and their beliefs, and respect for another classmate’s feelings. I hate the idea of teaching a child that gay couples are not getting into their religion’s promised paradise but will instead die a horrible, agonizing death at Armageddon; I would think the mother could have the common sense to temper that lesson with one on not inflicting that judgmental, arrogant, self-righteous attitude onto others.


How long before young Sophia is telling her classmates that this is what awaits their family if they don’t join their religion?

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have a good track record when it comes to their attitude on homosexuals; as I bring out in this post, they even went so far so as to blame homosexuals for the prevalence of pedophilia, woefully ignoring the fact that being gay and being a child rapist are two entirely different things, and woefully overlooking the pedophilia that exists in their own religion despite the fact that homosexuals are not allowed.

As bad as that was, they have obscenely overstepped their bounds with this latest video. Despite its cheerful, upbeat tone and colorful graphics, it is obviously meant to create little fanatics and foot soldiers who are sent out to tell, not just adults, but even young children that their families are going to die and never get into paradise unless they change their ways and come ’round to the JW way of thinking.

Any family who follows the lead of this video and sends their child out to tell the children of gay parents that their family needs to break up and stop loving each other in order to get into paradise is probably going to face a harassment lawsuit, and rightly so. It’s shameful and disgusting that they would send their children to do this dirty work for them, but even more disgusting that the audience they find for their hurtful message will be other impressionable, sensitive children. For some reason, I can’t imagine Carrie’s two loving, happy mommies doing the same to Sophia.

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  1. Jehovah’s Witness are a CULT plain and simple. They lie and manipulate people and force their stupid ass religion down people’s throat. They are mean people and are unkind and I feel sorry for children born to Jehovah’s witnesses. The child should be removed from that family and placed in either an atheist or non jehovah’s witness family that is caring and loving and controlling and manipulative and a true danger. states need to take over these families and let someone else raise the child. Jehovah’s witness have mental problems and are considered unfit to be a parent. I have no respect for that cult and it’s evil empire of manipulation. They treat new members like shit and make them work low wages at Bethel. What a joke!

  2. It isn’t quite as straight forward as being suggested, any other sex is also not permitted outside marriage not just gay sex. I think it’s a shame the bible doesn’t really go into detail about the emotional aspect of it but it was written 2000 years ago. JW’s believe we are living in the last days. The bible wants people to aspire to Jesus’s standards who devoted his life to the salvation of man. He didn’t get married ether or have sex. We are all slaves to sin as we are now no matter what colour, race, sexualality, religion we all are are. The point the bible makes is that being on a spiritual level rather then a fleshly one is more pleasing to god. It doesn’t say anybody is combenmed for who they are but that Jesus brought us out of sin so our bodies don’t actually belong to us. If you’ve got a family you have to devote your time to them, if you don’t you have more time to devote to god so you would be in more favourably position even, It’s hard to except if you don’t really believe in god or religion or don’t really want to know god. Read 1st Corinthians 6 verse 12. You don’t have to do anything.

    • If you don’t like JW’ s that is fine, but reason tells us that same-sex relationships are disordered,or perverted if you will. Are you anti-incest? Are you anti- adultery? Are you anti-prostitution? Are you anti-pedophilia? Well if you are any of those, then being anti-gay is not a stretch. Absolutely nothing wrong with being anti-gay. When you attack JW’s on this point, you discredit yourself. Let me ask you: are you also supportive of abortion?

      • To even discuss pedophilia in the same conversation as homosexuality throws your credibility out the window. A child cannot consent to a sex act as can a grownup adult. As for prostitution, this is not something that most people who work in the industry choose; too many are sex slaves, forced into it, etc. Incest between parents and children also means that there is no consent, and brothers may force themselves on sisters or cousins. I personally am anti-adultery only because of the trust issue, if one spouse thinks you’re being faithful but you’re not; however, if a grownup adult couple decide to have an “open” marriage and there are no lies, no deceit, nothing behind another person’s back, that’s their business. As for homosexuality being “disordered” and “perverted,” that’s only your opinion and I have yet to see how homosexuality is so hurtful to anyone or any society. Disrespect, prejudice, making decisions for other consenting, grownup adults is what hurts society, IMHO.

        This is also not the page to be bringing in random political and social issues such as abortion, whom you voted for, etc. Keep things on topic, please, or comments will be deleted.

  3. The video I watched twice it does not promote anything bad, the child is even encouraged to be the girls friend, it is true the bible does hold out marriage to female/male the mother is not telling a lie. Life is yours find happiness, stop looking for fuel for your fire! I’m a mother of a gay son and I love him dearly, I know God does also.

  4. As a gay man and former JW, I am ashamed to admit I was once force to tell my young friends at school they would die if their parents didn’t take them to the Kingdom Hall and repent for all their wrong doing! I am a gay man, I was born this way (just like you, in god’s image), it was not my choice! But because of the hateful and abusive teachings of the JW Organization, it has taken me the last 25 years to free my head of all the hate! I am much happier now and know that I was created to be me whether by god’s order or some Big Bang theory or whatever you choose to believe in. For crying out loud people, the world would be a much happier place if we could treat others around us like we wish to be treated and respect others for their believes and not trying to put them down for now believing as us. No one is the same, we are all unique! Similar but different! As to the J Dubs!! They are not an organization to be trusted. The governing body of hypocritical men are imposing their thoughts on several million people and are no better than Hilter and his beliefs. Look where that got him!!! Think people!

    • Erick you sound like a great guy. I don’t wish you no harm are bad luck I hope the best for you and your family. Yes jws have said a lot of things that are not true,and I’m definitely not siding with them (they are not to be trusted. But being a Christian I do believe in Gods word the bible,and I don’t see where God makes allowance for it.If gay people have the right to speak their minds, then so do heterosexuals. I don’t know everything concerning the bible,but I have read that and that’s what I’m holding to. If we truly love the most High God then all we have to do is stop doing what he don’t like,not what some man made organization says. Its easier said than done and he will help us if he knows we’re putting fort a sincere effort. Some people are no better than jws. They stifle their members from having an independent attitude, like some people are doing on this site.EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO SPEAK THEIR OPINION, NO MATTER WHO LIKES IT ARE NOT!!!

      • No one is stifling you from anything; I run this site and haven’t deleted any of your comments or censored them, so please take this down a notch. All caps is unnecessary. Let’s remain civil. Thank you.

      • I grew up in this “CULT” from birth until age 16. Let’s have a “friendly” debate shall we? Let’s let the rest of the viewers of this post decide for themselves. Fair enough? I will relate all my childhood “fear mongering” sessions of demons and non-JW “worldings” that we preached to “door to door”. I, as well as many other small children, were told “Armageddon” would come before we got out of high school, so there was no need to pursue college. I am now 41 and have worked for Dell, HP, Verizon, Thomson Reuters, and as a senior advisor at Apple. I thank GOD I left that CULT masquerading in sheets of white with their noses stuck in the air! Are you ready? If so, if you should choose to continue, the rest of you all reading this “rant” better grab a bag of popcorn. (I doubt that Cynthia will respond. She knows this is a cult.)

  5. Snicker… Does anyone find it ironic, that among all the other misinformation presented in this tripe, that the very name “Jehovah” is a gross misinterpretation of the original word. It should read, “Jaweh”. These people cannot read Greek, or Hebrew, and so they trust to others to translate it. In the case of the King James version, for that, read, “Pope Pius the Second, and the Nicaea” POLITICIANS. Not linguists. (Circa 900AD.) Not even Clergy. BTW, the Books of Enoch, Mary, Nathanael, and Judas, among others, were thrown out at this time. In the Vatican records, it clearly states, “Because they empowered Women”. yeah. THAT’S what Jesus would do…..

    Ya know, if more Christians acted ANYTHING like Christ, I might still be one.

    • It should not read jaweh either. There is no j in the Hebrew or Greek language. The tetragramation are yhwh if you are going to add vowels with the vowels you just used it will read yaweh,which is more closer to the pronunciation thanjawej or Jehovah.

    • Well if you want to go there, the tetragrammaton correctly translated to English would be Iaweh, the Hebrew language does not have a J in it. In English the pronunciation of either Jehovah or Yahweh is considered proper with Jehovah being the most used. I suspect that you call Jesus, Jesus, not Ieshua which which would be logical if you insist the the true GOD be called Yahweh.

      In almost every modern Bible somewhere in the prologues they will all state that the word LORD (adonai) has been substituted for every appearance of the Holy Name because the EXACT pronunciation is unknown but the name Jehovah or Yahweh actually appears in each of those places in the ancient writings. This was the result of the last of the Hebrew scribes deciding that the common people. (amharettes) literally meaning common dirt, were not worthy to know Gods true name so they wrote it in Scripture without the vowel symbols needed to say the name correctly.

      The original Bible cannon was started at the Council of Nicea in 325 however the complete Bible cannon was not completed until 1647 under the auspices of many of the church’s prominent scholars and translators. The King James Bible of 1611 was based on Cannon Law of that time. Over the centuries many new scrolls, codex’s and other writings have been discovered which have made many of the more modern translations more accurate also resulting in a number of unconfirmed texts being removed from the modern bibles and the re-writing of others to comply with the new knowledge. None of these revisions have ever resulted in a Major Change to the Bible itself.

      The so called apocrypha were writings that were excluded from Cannon due to inconsistencies or obvious contradiction to settled Bible Cannon. e.g Tobit. There are passages regarding a demon “Asmodeus” slaying a woman husbands one after the other. There is no Biblical evidence that any demon is permitted to directly slay a human being. Satan himself was forbidden to kill Job with any of his torments. The angel Raphael instructing Tobit to use a fishes entrails for mystical purposes. Use of magic of any kind is clearly forbidden by the Bible and God himself. As for “female empowerment” perhaps some jerk said it was about women’s rights but the statement is false in itself as several of the books have little to do with the social position of women.

  6. I have not said this before. That same God also let his son be killed so that you can have everlasting life.Now ain’t that loving you,for more reasons than one. It was this same sex act that caused Sodom and Gamira to be ruined. The same sex act that caused the roman Empire to fall. The same kind of sex act that will cause the United States to crumble.

    • Sex had nothing to do with the fall of Rome.
      The Western Roman Empire fell due to economics, corruption, political infighting, and invasions. Your gay-fail does nothing to account for the Eastern Roman Empire surviving more or less intact we’ll into the 15th Century.

      • Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for “gross sexual immorality” including but not exclusive of homosexuality.

        I do have to agree that Rome was undone for most of the reasons that you cited. Homosexuality was practiced in Rome but did not have much to do with the death of the Roman Empire.

    • That’s a bunch of nonsense. What a horrible story. For one thing, his son wasn’t killed if he was walking around 3 days later. For another thing, what kind of monster would let his child be tortured? Sodom and Gamira (sp) according to the old fable, were destroyed because people weren’t being hospitable. Read it again if it means so much to you. It means nothing to me because it’s a fairy tale. It’s NOT REAL. Sex acts don’t cause countries to fall or crumble, whatever that means. Grow up.

      • Since you believe in science check this out; A man was lying on an operating table the doctors became excited because they were losing him he began to flat line, they tried frantically to revive him. To late he gone he flat lined,they pronounced him dead! (You see where I’m going with this?) As they were leaving the room the line began to jump so they hurried back and began to work on him again and he was brought back to life. Praise God Almighty, where on earth did the doctors get a brain to figure out how to revive this man, (do you think they went to see a wizard, Dorothy). Also if I had 20 children and I loved all of them equally and the same and I had to let one of them die to save the rest,I would!!! Especially if I had the power to give him life again. You the one who needs to read the the story of Sodom and Gomira again. Angels came to Lott in that city to warn him of the coming perils. The men there saw the angels and wanted to have sex with them for they were in men form/God struck them with blindness because of their homosexual desires for these angels. You see young lady,people makes for a strong family, family makes for a strong city,a strong city makes for a strong state,a strong state makes for a strong country and if you build a country on strong morals the country will stay strong. Like the Romans,their country was strong until they allowed immorality of all sorts to slip in,including homosexuality then that once great country fell. You see dear the growing up is left entirely up to you!

      • Your illustration of the doctor makes no sense; what are you trying to say? No, I don’t think anyone sees where you’re going with this. How did doctors learn to revive a person? By studying science, biology, chemistry, and the like. You’ve only proven the point that god does nothing; science saved the man, not god.

        Your point about having children and letting one die is also immaterial; god is the one who decided that the world needed saving from his own judgment and he decided to kill his son to do it. He created this “loving” solution to a problem he made on his own. He kept knowledge of good and bad from man, got angry when they acted only on their natural instincts that he gave them, decided himself that they needed to die simply for doing what they were created to do, and then decided that he would kill his son to save the world from the destruction he would bring upon it. He created a solution for a problem, conveniently forgetting that he himself was the problem.

        Saying that homosexuality destroyed the Roman Empire is also downright wrong. Rome fell because they got too big for their britches and tried to conquer too much with too many revolts and civil wars, plus Caligula was a nut job. If anything, it was the decline of literature, led by the Church of course, that caused them to devalue education and, in turn, their economy and culture eventually collapsed. There were 26 claims to the throne in 50 years starting around 235, nothing to do with homosexuality, and you think that didn’t help bring down the empire? Churches like to teach it was homosexuality that destroyed Rome because Julian didn’t convert to Christianity and didn’t allow church leaders to educate children. How in the world would homosexuality destroy an empire? Two men live together, two women live together, who cares? Even in this video, the JW child admitted the home with the two mommies was happy and they loved each other; by your own admission, a strong family makes a strong state, and the two mommies built a strong family. There was no child abuse, violence, or neglect. Sorry but your argument doesn’t hold weight in any context.

  7. But Alex,
    wouldn’t you agree the “standard” basis for raising children is between a mother and father?
    I understand that the basic standard is changing,
    but if it is examined from a religious perspective,
    (and in this case Christian)
    Is It wrong to “educate young children” about the way god views this?
    remember the bible’s warning ” the world is passing away and so is it’s desire”
    that warning tells us that this world’s desires is temporary,
    but those who do god’s will will be allowed to stay…even forever.
    It is safe to say that it is not god’s will for the standard of parenting to be corrupted or distorted( even though it is in both cases)
    therefore Christian parents are obliged to “educate their children” even regarding the standards of marriage and raising a family.
    the world’s way of educating children differs much from the way Christian parents educate their young ones.
    if young ones are left to be educated by the world
    to an extent they may go astray,
    in the sense that they may begin to accept the world’s way
    rather than god’s.
    I’ll end by asking you a question
    and I will appreciate your reply.
    the apostle Paul wrote to the people of his day to cleanse themselves of every defilement of flesh.
    now as far as I know smoking had not been invented at that time,
    but now smoking is the norm and countless people have become addicted and many have died as a direct consequence.
    smoking also impacts on the cost of healthcare…running into billions each year.
    now if you was a parent
    would you let your children be lead by the easy going attitude towards smoking,
    which would put them at risk of developing health damaging diseases,
    or would you follow the Apostle Paul’s advice?
    which one would you say is more beneficial?
    god’s or the world’s?
    if the world despite knowing the harm caused from smoking,
    promotes it and allows all to practice and profit from it,
    is it surprising to know that its approach to marriage and parenting has changed and reflects a similar easygoing attitude despite knowing it does not tally with god’s standards?
    if you put aside any dislike of Jehovah’s Witnesses,
    and examine the effects their standards and the world’s standards has upon young people,
    you will likely agree that though yes they do follow a strict code of conduct etc etc
    which differs greatly from the world,
    the fact is they tend to be cleaner in terms of health and morals.
    and that is due to the guidance from the bible.
    and the Apostle Paul did write that all scripture is beneficial.
    I put it to you that the world’s disregard for scripture can be seen even by its attitude towards the standards of Marriage and parenting.

    • There are several things wrong with your comment.

      1. Who says the bible is the best place for moral advice and authority? You’re talking about a book that sells rape victims to her rapist, allowed for virgin war brides, advocated genocide, allowed you to own and beat slaves, and tells women to be silent and submissive. Saying that you should be worried about pleasing the author of that book is like saying you should be worried about making Hitler happy. Just because the bible says it’s “beneficial,” that doesn’t mean it’s actually beneficial. Everyone advertises their product as being good and the solution to your problems, but you need to look past their own claims and consider it objectively.

      2. Smoking has been proven to be harmful and damaging to your health. There is nothing proving that being gay or gay parents raising children is harmful and damaging. That’s an incorrect comparison.

      3. If you want to teach your children to be a prejudicial bigot who is ignorant of the facts (i.e., gay people can change) and teach your children this same hateful ignorance and bigotry, that’s one thing. Teaching your child to say those things to another young child crosses a line and is unacceptable. There are people out there who hate mixed race couples; teaching a child to go to school and tell another child who has a black and a white parent that their parents are not getting into god’s paradise would be harassment and abuse.

      Defending the bible’s view just because the bible says it is ridiculous. If the bible were a person, would you do that? “We need to obey Mr. Smith because he is god’s spokesperson.” “Well how do you know he’s god’s spokesperson?” “Because he says he is.” “Well how do you know what he says is beneficial?” “Because he says it’s beneficial.”

    • Before you are allowed to talk about what your god wants, you have to show that gods can actually exist. All theists fail to do this, they just jump directly to what their god demands and wants. This brings to mind the Susan B. Anthony quote, “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

      • the basis for my confidence that the god of The Christian religion exists Mike,
        is because creation requires a creator
        whether the creation be small or huge.
        also the bible’s explanation of life’s start and what caused it to go wrong
        seems more credible than other religious explanations.

      • //seems more credible than other religious explanations.//

        Such as the Hindu or Norse version of how the world got started?
        You do realise that the Christian explanation actually does not explain anything. Every paper that science generates that attempts to explain reality, contains more information which is more detailed than anything found in the bible. And then there is the fact that science demands that it’s findings be checked to see if they are correct. Science is the most honest method to know something. Religion on the other hand makes claims and then gets upset when it is asked to support and defend those claims.

        Look you do not need a god in your life for you to continue to be a decent human. Take responsibility for your whole life and the world will thank you for it. At least we know that the world actually exists, unlike your gods. (Also learn the difference between the word KNOW and the word BELIEVE, they do not mean the same thing.)

      • Im going to say it one more time. Ahhhh!,but you are so wrong the evidence is all around you! The earth the way it is created in it self,the trees and flowers,the division of the waters,the sea creatures the earthly creatures and the flying creatures. Earths atmosphere, gravity,the air we breath. Look at yourself, the uniquely way the human body was made and the many ways that the body functions. You mean a big bang happened and all of this just accrued. Let’s reason on this; Say for instance there was a big forest fire you take and drop a bom right in the center of it,it will probably blow out the fire,but you will be left with one really big mess! The outcome will not be a beautiful garden,I promise you that. To say that all these uniquely designed things came about that way is crazy. There had to be a designer, a creator. Last but definitely not least, look at all the prophecies that was foretold by imperfect men and came through decades afterwards (devine intervention for sure),and let’s not forget our Lord Jesus Christ. The prophecies foretold concerning him that came through to a tee many years before he got here by men who had no way of knowing it actually happened or if it would even happen at all. Concerning this Christ the scriptures say all things were created through him,for him ,and by him,and he gave the glory to his Father when he was on the earth. Its the facts of science that don’t mount up. It does not take a genius to figure it out only common sense. Where is the link between the toad the ape and the man?

      • First of all, you obviously don’t understand evolution. It doesn’t teach that a toad became an ape which became man; it teaches that all life has a common descendant or beginning and then life evolved and changed over time. If you need to get a flu shot every year, it’s because the virus evolves and strengthens to be resistant to vaccines; that’s evolution. Changing and growing. To say that the body is unique “therefore, god must have created it, that’s the only explanation” is shortsighted and dismissive of evidence including fossil records and genetics. As for the big bang, it has as much “common sense” as an eternal god that doesn’t have a beginning or creator himself, but just said “let it be” and poof, there it is. That’s as scientific or plausible as “Once upon a time…” Please learn some science before you dismiss science, I learned all about the bible before I critiqued it.

      • Everything we can point to in the universe can be explained in detailed and easy to understand way, though science. Religion does not explain anything at all about reality. Everything that it tries to explain it gets it wrong or gives up explaining after describing the question.

        The fact is that there has never been a question which science has provided an answer for, no matter how poor that answer, that any religion later came along with an equal or better answer to that question. And you can check this out, go and look at the whole history of humanity, you will not find one such case.

      • Men such as Einstein, Newton, Galileo, etc. all believed that the Universe and everything in it had a Creator.

        The complex structure of the DNA molecule which is essential to every living thing except a virus (science is really not sure if viruses are actually alive) is so incredibly intricate that it could NOT have occurred by chance. Basic probability mathematics will show that DNA occurrence by chance is on the order of infinity.

        Let’s imagine that it had somehow occurred, then what? Say we have a molecule(s) of DNA floating about in a primeval chemical soup, how does it become a LIVING cell? Did it grow its own membrane, how? How did that first DNA molecule control all the functions necessary to life? DNA alone can not do it, DNA is just a blueprint or pattern. Other cell structures control these functions. Where did they come from? I’ll not go into it here, but look up cell functions on any web site if you care to pursue this.

        Have you actually considered the size and scope of our “known” Universe? Billions of galaxies, each containing more billions of stars and yes, planets. The amount of matter and energy in just the Universe we can see cannot be defined in human terms. We have not yet found the “end” or “edge” of this Universe if there is one. A Universe of this proportion just came from nothing? Oh by the way. let’s not get into Black Holes, White Holes, Dark Matter and Energy, that will really give one a headache.

        I don’t need a Bible to tell me there exists a Rational Being of a magnitude that the human mind cannot begin to comprehend. Compare an amoeba to Steven Hawking and you are not even close.

        Postulating such a Creator says that said Creator has a purpose for the Creation. The Bible does appear to explain the purpose for creation. It says Man was created to LIVE FOREVER* on Earth, have children and fill the planet. That purpose was subverted but the Bible says that subversion will be corrected and eliminated by the Creator. The Bible appears to be an account of the method and actions required to correct the issue and how the were and continue being implemented through the millennia.

        When this happens and mankind, who now have everlasting life again. completely fills the Earth, where do all the new men and women being born go?? The stars perhaps? Who knows, perhaps that is the purpose of the Universe. We haven’t been told that part yet.

        *Genesis states that the Creator gave the first man and woman one single law. They were not to eat of one special tree marked as the Creators property. Every other fruit, grain and vegetable was theirs to eat and enjoy. The Creator told them, “the day you eat from this tree, YOU WILL DIE”. Notice that there was no other mention their dying. The Creator did not say that someday they would get old and die anyhow. They ate from the tree and on that day they began to die, they lost the gift of everlasting life. The sentence of death was indeed passed on them the very day they did eat from that tree and they did eventually die.

      • If you want to argue for a creator, then who created the creator? Interesting that people feel they can say that god is somehow an exception to the rule that “every living thing needs a creator.” If no one created god and he just existed, why can’t that argument be used for biological creatures? Viruses evolve, species evolve. Yet we’re supposed to think that god just somehow has always been here, but aren’t allowed to use even a similar argument for other living things. The bible also says that “the day” they ate from the tree, they would die, but they didn’t; it took hundreds of years. Spin and interpret it however you want, but what does the bible say? What does the bible say? It doesn’t say “you will lose the gift of everlasting life.” It says that would die in that day. Even those who believe in the bible need to rewrite it to make all the parts fit. That makes it unreliable and not credible as a source for anything; history, science, morality, etc.

      • Sorry, I missed your post regarding the slavery issue. You do make a good point about Africans who were sold into slavery by their own people. which I agree was a disgusting practice. I further agree that among the pagan nations, captives taken were sold into slavery with absolutely no rights, no chance to freedom in any way and many of the women were taken as sex slaves.

        However, if you read the Mosaic Law there was a completely different attitude required of slave owners among the Jews. A captive woman could not be forced into sexual relations by her owner. If one did so. he was required to set her free and pay her a price of 30 pieces of Silver, unless the woman WILLINGLY was agreeable to marriage. A slave owner could discipline a slave, but not to his or her injury. Again, if physical injury resulted, the slave was to be freed and paid also. As previously stated a slave could buy their freedom or earn it, unlike those African slaves previously mentioned. A slave could be awarded his or her freedom after an agreed upon term of service. Slaves were not locked up and usually had free run of the household and the city they lived in. They were trusted to return on their honor. Most did. Occasionally one would run off, but there were men who were paid to recover slaves if the owner so desired. If captured and returned to the owner, the slave could be disciplined but not permanently injured. At each Jubilee year, Hebrew slaves were to be released and any property they owned at the time of enslavement due to debt was returned to them. As most captive slave did not own property in Israel, they did not come under this provision, however they could still buy freedom or be released by the owner.

        This was actually a loving provision when you examine it in the customs and mores of the time. There was no Welfare, no ADC no Section 8 housing or any other provision for a poor person or one who became bankrupt due to debt. By selling themselves into slavery they were fed, housed, clothed and worked the same 12 hour day as everyone else. They even received a small pay.
        Same provision for captives. Usually their city was raised and completely destroyed, crop and homes burned. I’m sure you have seen pictures of war refugees in our time, starving, naked, dirty, sick. This did not happen with the Jews. They were taken in as slaves and again fed, clothed and housed.

        Many “slaves” became important or well respected individuals. Joseph was a household steward and then became second only to Pharaoh in Egypt. Daniel became “third ruler” in Babylon even though a captive slave.

        Again I reply just to state the difference and facts of “slavery” as the Jews practiced it, compared to the godless world at the time. If you read the Gospels and the Letters you will note that the disciples often referred to themselves as “slaves” of the living God. They were no more slaves than you or I are now, but considered themselves as slaves or workers for Jehovah.

        Thank you for your replies and I assure you I have no ill feelings toward you or your comments and wish you the best.

      • Your understanding of slavery for your god’s people is wrong; the women were sex slaves, as Sarah giving her slave girl to Abraham to have sex with, and Rachel giving her slave girl Jacob to have sex with both prove. Whitewash it all you want; these women were not second wives as they had no say in this matter but were “given” like property, and then, as with Hagar, just driven out like unwanted trash. Exodus 21:4, if the master gives the slave a wife and the slave leaves on the 7th year, the wife and children stay with the master (nice) unless the slave also stays. Disgusting practice. Exodus 21:7-11, a man could give his daughter as a slave and she didn’t go free as did the men; the master could take her as a concubine (sex slave again) or give her to someone else (sex slave) or to his son. The master could also have other wives (nice). Exodus 21:20-21, the master could strike the slave and if the slave dies right away, the slave is avenged but as long as the slave lived for one or two days and then dies, there is no vengeance since he was bought. Leviticus 25:39 says that if your “brother” sells himself, he is not to be treated like a foreign slave. Same chapter, saying that you can buy foreign slaves from the land around them; this is no different than the African slave trade. Deuteronomy 21:10-13, female captives were taken and made to shave their heads and trim their nails and then a man could claim her as his wife; she had no say in this. Nothing in the scriptures says she went along willingly; her homeland had just been ravaged and it even says she needed to mourn for her slain family!

        You have a very bizarre view of slavery; saying that this obscene practice was somehow good because no one was living on welfare is confounding. Welfare is not the best arrangement but being a slave instead? This is somehow beneficial to those living under this rule? As for captives, who razed their cities and destroyed their crops? The same Israelites who took them as slaves! Yes, refugees are dirty and starving; what a great provision to then say that the very people who bomb their cities could then take them as slave labor and war brides! I am disgusted and sickened. Finding a few people here and there who treated their slaves well doesn’t justify the entire process; obviously slaves were beaten, sometimes even to death, and there were sex slaves among the Jews. Gloss it up all you want, but the scriptures I’ve quoted speak for themselves.

      • So what you are saying then is the Bible is a fairy tale, has no value today and should be ignored. That the God of the Bible is false and all scripture can be taken as little or no value. Perhaps I am wrong in this assumption but that is what is it seems to be to me. The things reported and written about in the Bible were not written by me or any other individual alive today. The book reports things as they were, as they occurred and the results of each act or happening. Can you tell me that I have misunderstood what you have said? If so, I will gladly retract the above statement.

        I was raised Roman Catholic. I found fault with the doctrine without ever seeing a Bible. I tried a number of different religions. Lutheran (about same as Catholic), Baptist (where I actually read a Bible for the first time). Methodist, because my girlfriend at the time was going there, even dabbled in Buddhism and Taoism. I ran off Jehovah’s Witnesses when they came to my door because my family said they were crazy and practiced strange rights. One day a man came to my door and asked me a if I was interested in living forever or just dying like anyone else. Don never said he was a JW but I figured I would see where this was going. I suspected that I would be rid of this nut case in a week or two. Well, that was 42 years ago. I was baptized in 1975 an have served ever since.

        Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses right? You want to know the truth, I don’t really know for sure. But I have studied the scriptures for all these years and yes they have made a number of errors, but so did Jesus’s disciples. The truth is I could not find any other religion that followed scripture as close and accurately as the JW’s do. Sometime their views go heavily against main stream churches, but then so did Jesus who was born a Jew take on the Jewish Clergy Class of His time and expose their errors.

        The bottom line of this is that I do not wish to turn this into a fight over doctrine or religion. I do not expect you to suddenly change your views or beliefs whatever they may be and it is not my intention to try to get you to do so. I have simply stated how things were as to certain subjects such as slavery and JW’s handling of misconduct in the congregation. I am not critical of your beliefs and am not trying to tell you what you should or should not believe. That is your choice and your free right.

        As I have pointed out, the near future will decide whether JW’s are truly God’s messengers or just another crack pot cult and neither you or I will have any influence on that. If we are from God, we will not be overthrown, if not we will fade away in the next few decades. Again, I have no animosity toward you or your beliefs. I wish you only the best.

      • Jesus’ disciples did not state an actual date and time of the end (1914, 1975, “before the end of this century”) and then need to retract their words. They did not need to consistently change their understanding of doctrine; they asked one time for clarification about circumcision as it was a cultural, not just a religious practice. Once they received clarification, that was it. Human errors (overlooking Greek-speaking widows) are one thing; doctrinal changes, failed predictions, and completely ignoring scripture (requiring rape victims to scream, based on Mosaic law which was fulfilled) prove that they’re a false religion. You say JWs follow the bible closer than anyone but they don’t; they inserted the idea of a first century governing body into the bible when there is no proof of such; that’s blasphemy. Jesus never said to shun your relatives; when he said he came to cause divisions, the context showed that people would shun their families for accepting him, so that’s a gross misapplication of scripture while ignoring other scriptures that say to honor your parents and provide for your household. They create interpretation from nothing (a day for a year applies to three and a half times? based on what? the number 144,000 is for those going to heaven? based on what? it’s a number in Revelation; shouldn’t it be symbolic like everything else? no? based on what?). Jesus said to eat the bread and drink the wine; he never said it was only for a small group. Simply finding a scripture and making up an interpretation and jumping around applying different scriptures to the same doctrine doesn’t mean you’re adhering closely to those scriptures. Other religions, including Catholics, preach worldwide so the JW claim that they’re the only religion preaching, or preaching the most, is not true.

        You’ve stated how you wish things are handled in the congregations, or how they should be handled, but if you really read this site and all the supporting documentation from the JWs themselves, you’d see your statements are just not accurate. If the bible says the true religion is known by its fruits, the fruits of JWs include child abuse, child molestation, victimizing of child abuse victims, domestic violence, horrific treatment of rape victims, defaming and outright lying about other people, misinterpretation of scripture in order to shun family, and the list goes on. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share this with you and others.

  8. If the kid who belong to lesbian parents have the write to express her view then so does the heterosexual kid.if you are upset because the kid mom is giving her a christian view then the problem is yours. What do you want her to do go against what the bible say to sooth your lifestyle. The bible says a lot of things that hit all of us in some form or fashion. You think she should say something to tickle the other kids ear just for the sake of temporary happiness? If she do that that’s not love,the kid may grow up thinking that that type of lifestyle is OK,and grow up displeasing god. Its not about what makes you angry. Its about what makes God angry,and what pleases God. The same thing goes if it was a man and women holding hands with a kid and they were not married,but having sex suggesting they were happy. It does not matter if we are happy are not when doing something. What matters is doing what makes God happy!!! Then we will have a fulfilling cause to be happy. The truth hurts,but its loving. Kinda like tuff love.

    • How a about keep your god and beliefs to yourself. Your religious particular viewpoint is yours and yours alone. You want to believe a book was divinely inspired by the creator of the universe and through it you know what it “wants”, go ahead and be a delusional twit.
      That’s your choice but don’t push your intolerant nonesense on everyone else because not everyone is so easliy swayed to be a bigot or relinquish one iota of their rationality to belief utter nonesense like you spew forth like an open spigot on a septic tank.

      • Ohhhhhhhh!!! Such hate and anger fromsuch a happy people. Is that threason you choose the name gay? Because your so happy and joyful. There is so much happiness sprucing from you.Two women together is fine,they can love each other,that’s OK two. As long as they don’t have sex that’s the Sin.

    • Are you sure that the heterosexual view is that homosexuals are all going to Hell? Or is that in reality just a bigoted fringe-christian viewpoint?

      Because I am a proud heterosexual and my view is that I have right to my sexuality as much others have to theirs. For sure I do not believe that homosexuals are going to burn in hell.

      So, your “heterosexual view” is actually just religious view, and extremely hateful and antisocial one at that, which you have no right pushing on other people.

      I would love to see what happens is somebody told you that you are going to hell for any reason.

      By the way, your bible also tells that keeping slaves is right and good. Have luck trying to buy slaves followed by “but my bible says so”.

      • I did not give consequences for the action. I just told you how the God of the bible feel about. And I promise to keep my mouth shut if you would shut yours. What,gays ate the only ones with rights?

      • again
        forgive me for intruding on your debate
        but I think it is important to clarify some important facts.
        god does not reserve everlasting torture in everlasting fire for homosexuals or heterosexuals.
        the bible states that the wages (or consequence of sin) is death.
        not torture in everlasting fire.
        god is love and his love was shown by means of Christ Jesus
        who gave his life on our behalf
        regardless of who we chose to form relationships with.
        however that does not mean that the choices we make in terms of hetero or homosexual lifestyles
        is acceptable to god.
        for example a washing machine and soap powder were created for a useful purpose.
        few of us would carry on using a washing machine and soap powder
        which made our dirty clothes dirtier rather than clean.
        the bible and Christianity serve a similar purpose.
        it enlightens us about how we are viewed by our creator.
        it tells us why we are here
        and why we die.
        we are tainted by sin…in a figurative sense we are like a huge pile of dirty clothes
        that seem impossible to clean.
        the bible tells us that God provided the means of “cleansing us from sin”
        the means was Jesus Christ.
        his life and obedience and death
        serves as a ransom and the means by which we can become clean…in the absolute sense…free from sin and therefore freedom from death.
        because death comes as a consequence of sin.
        now when we study the bible and we understand what we are reading,
        and we follow its advice,
        we though still tainted by sin,
        we in a relative become clean in god’s eyes because we now know what god requires from us.
        we learn what pleases him and what doesn’t.
        when we believe what we have learned and we believe that god is not unrighteous and will reward those who imitate Jesus integrity,
        and we recognize that god has done something for us that no one else could
        we will strive to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to god.
        but of course that isn’t easy
        what with being born tainted by sin
        and growing up in a world that either ignores god’s advice distort and misrepresent him.
        but time has shown that despite that it is possible to change our ways.
        after all do humans have to shoot stab and bomb each other?
        do we really need to create nuclear weapons?
        do cigarettes heroin and cocaine serve a useful purpose?
        true…god created the plants from which those things are derived,
        but does that mean we should use those things to ensnare and drain each other of money and health and life just to survive?
        no matter what people say about god…the fact is the bible no matter how humans distort its contents
        god is love.
        and he shows it by creating the earth and its natural cycles which help to sustain life.
        but the greatest love he has shown was by means of Christ Jesus who came on our behalf after we had been let down by Adam and Eve.
        that Love is an assurance from god that he loves us.
        simply cause he came to our aid when we needed it.
        Adam and Eve abandoned to sin and death,
        god by means of Jesus released us.
        but the absolute release will come after the issue of who has the right to rule over us has been settled.
        countless centuries of human rule
        leaves us with little doubt (if we are open minded )
        that the challenge to god’s sovereignty was unjust and destined to fail.
        centuries of just about everything has been tried by humans
        and the results are always the same.
        and ultimately no one can release us from the snare of sin and death.
        also modern governments are more corrupt than ever.
        they also betray us leaving us open to the influence of habits such as smoking.
        a good and righteous government would never betray its subjects like that.
        it would instead release us in the absolute sense of every injurious snare
        so that eventually no one will have cause for tears.
        for good reason
        Jehovah’s witnesses put their trust and faith not in democracy etc
        but in god’s kingdom because they know that it is the only true means of peace and security.
        in fact all Christians are obliged to direct our attention to god’s kingdom.
        a body of people under the name of Christianity are still tainted by sin
        but they strive to avoid practicing the things they learn god views as sinful.
        this is why despite popular belief
        homosexuality has no place under the clean name of Christianity.
        because evidence of enlightenment is shown by what we practice.
        so if we claim to be enlightened by the god of Christianity but we carry on practicing what god’s word identifies as sin
        we are deceiving ourselves and putting forth a misrepresentation of repentance.
        this is why JW’s though imperfect of course
        they nevertheless strive to help people understand what true repentance means.
        those who say it is OK to be gay and christian are misrepresenting Christianity.
        god does not hate homosexuals and lesbians etc etc etc
        he hates the practice.

      • Sorry to intrude on your debate with A to the C, you see?
        but I just want to assure you that Hell does not exist.
        when the bible writers made reference to everlasting fires etc
        they did so to signify permanent destruction.
        for example a piece of paper thrown into a fire is reduced to ashes and cannot be restored.
        likewise anyone who is unrepentant after Resurrection will die without the hope of a restoration to life.
        the bible makes it clear that the dead are conscious of nothing at all.
        therefore permanent agony in everlasting flames contradicts what King Solomon Wrote about the state of the dead.
        also remember that the Apostle Paul wrote that all Scripture is inspired of god and beneficial for teaching and setting things straight.
        its only natural for the living to wonder if the figurative words used in the bible are to be taken literally?
        but once you begin studying the bible carefully
        you will start to understand that some words used by the bible writers were figurative and not to be taken in the literal sense.

      • Well, for starters, the Bible does NOT say that anyone is going to Hell as you seem to understand it. The Bible simply states that when one dies he/she is in Sheol which translates to “Grave”. Ecclesiastes defines the “grave” as the place where everyone dying is going and there is “no work, no knowledge or thought” in the grave. In other words, you no longer exist in any way, shape or form. The so called “soul” is not an immortal thing that somehow lives in your body. The word “soul” comes from the word Nephish which means “breather or living being”. Everything that breathes is a “soul”. When you die, you quit breathing and you are no longer a soul.
        As for “slaves”, the Bible did not condone slavery as we understand it today. The word slave usually meant an employee that was bound to a particular employer by debt or captivity. Such slaves were generally well treated, were paid a wage and if they accumulated enough money could buy their freedom. Their owner could also release them at anytime as a reward. Many “slaved” chose to continue with their owner even after the release was earned as a permanent employee, who then had the right to come and go without permission. For instance Joseph was called a slave to Pharaoh yet was second in power only to Pharaoh. He controlled all the food in Egypt during the famine. Daniel, was a captive and slave to Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon however was “third ruler” or the third most powerful man in Babylon.
        “When one chooses to make public criticism or condemnation of something or someone, he should be well aware that his words speak the truth lest the truth be revealed to the shame of the one making such untested declarations”. Tacitus (Rome)

      • A slave “bound by captivity” is a slave, no matter our “understanding.” Do you gloss over or whitewash (no pun intended) the African slave trade because they were bound by “captivity”? It is and was an abhorrent, obscene practice, and if you examine it closely, you see that women were taken as war brides, meaning sexual slaves. It doesn’t matter if there was some “marriage” ceremony in the captor’s home country; her family was slaughtered and she was carried off to be given away to some stranger. That makes her a sexual slave. No, she was not “well treated.” It was an obscenity and yet another reason to reject this “loving” god to whom you adhere.

      • 1914 was the end of the Gentile Times. This is calculated from the Scriptures in Daniel. The end of the Gentile Times by no means meant the end of the world. As for 1975, I was a new witness at that time and I remember specifically the governing body publishing several articles clearly stating that “the society was NOT citing 1975 as the end”. The only thing the society had mentioned is that it was approximately 6,000 years in 1975 since the creation of Adam, however that could be off by several years as we do no know how long Adam and Eve were together before they violated God’s law.

        I will say only one thing about the “overlapping” of the generation. Those who are in the overlap are getting on in age. I will concede that if nothing happens in the next 10 to 20 years at the most, we will have to admit that we were wrong.

        We have never “hide” pedophiles. While we require the “testimony of two witnesses” in line with scripture to disfellowship one who has been accused of this foul crime and often only have the testimony of the victim. We can and do advise the victim and parents to report the act to the legal authorities who can act where we cannot. If the victim or parent decide not to do so we have no further authority to pursue the issue or disfellowship the accused. However, in these cases we carefully make sure that the accused is never placed in a position of trust or has access to the victim or any other child. We do not take what you refer to as “shunning” lightly and only do so when there is no other avenue or choice. All accusations of child abuse, domestic violence and other social issues are all handled in the same manner as described above.

        Yes we call other religions “blood guilty”. Why? In WWII the nations were engaged in a horrible war where over 50,000,000+ people died or were killed. What did the Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and other religions of Christendom say or do?
        What they did was bless the troops on all sides and encourage them to kill their fellow Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists on the other side. Jehovah’s Witnesses will not take up arms or engage in any warfare, even if it means prison or death as it did in WWII. Many JW’s were executed by the German SS for refusing military service and refusing to say Heil Hitler

        WWII is just one example. The churches have supported and even caused many wars and bloodshed throughout history. Now one will argue that these wars were justified. If you do that, then you must support the Islamic groups that are this day killing in the name of Allah, there is no difference.

        Last item, we do not blame homosexuals for pedophilia. There are just as many if not more heterosexual pedophiles. Both are grossly immoral and are no friend to God. We do not HATE homosexuals. We do not approve of the practice because of scripture and you cannot deny that scripture defines homosexual ACTS as sin. If also defines sex between non married heterosexuals as sin, and sex with someone other than your marriage mate as sin. We do not approve of anyone who engages in any of the above acts and they are all subject to reproof and if necessary disfellowshipping.

        I have made this reply just to make clear some facts about JW’s, what we say, do and why. I do not expect this to change your opinion of JW’s in the least nor am I interested in a continued debate. If we are wrong, we are wrong and our organization will eventually realize it and crumble*. If we are right however, the world is about to find itself between a rock and a really hard place.

        *Acts 5:38,39 “So under the present circumstances, I say to you, do not meddle with these men, but let them alone. For if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; but if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them. Otherwise, you may even be found fighters against God himself.”

      • Your calculation of 1914 is based on thinking that Jerusalem first fell in 607 BCE, but you’re virtually the only group around that adheres to that date; historians put it at 587 BCE. Besides, the “times” in Daniel could mean anything; your religion decided it meant that Jesus was coming back in 1914. When that didn’t happen, you decided to say he came back but was invisible. Neat trick.

        As for 1975:

        “Does God’s rest day parallel the time man has been on earth since his creation? Apparently so. In what year, then, would the first 6,000 years of man’s existence and also the first 6,000 years of Gods rest day come to an end? The year 1975. It means that within a relatively few years we will witness the fulfilment of the remaining prophecies that have to do with the “time of the end”.” Awake! 1966 Oct 8 pp.19-20

        “Just think, brothers, there are only about ninety months left before 6,000 years of man’s existence on earth is completed. Do you remember what we learned at the assemblies last summer? The majority of people living today will probably be alive when Armageddon breaks out, and there are no resurrection hopes for those that are destroyed then.” Kingdom Ministry 1968 Mar p.4

        “The immediate future is certain to be filled with climactic events, for this old system is nearing its complete end. Within a few years at most the final parts of Bible prophecy relative to these “last days” will undergo fulfilment.” Watchtower 1968 May 1 p.272

        Visit this page at JWfacts to hear them talk about 1975 at conventions leading up to the day:

        As for pedophiles, I don’t even know where to begin pointing out your errors. You say you adhere to a “two witness” rule but claim that scriptures that say everyone is going to heaven only applies to a certain audience; the “two witness” rule then doesn’t have a certain audience? What about the scriptures of a woman raped in a field where no one could hear her scream? Also a gross hypocrisy that elders “discern” a woman’s claim of rape based solely on their own discretion with no two witnesses needed. Their “training videos” show they decided Robbie was lying to them without needing two witnesses to their accusations. The Australian Royal Commission showed from the mouths of elders themselves that you do not advise victims to report to police and threaten them with disfellowshipping if they go on their own. You are also legally obligated in many areas to report so your argument that you have “no further authority” is hogwash; anyone can also report a crime, “authority” or not. What a gross lack of concern you have for children in the homes or neighborhoods of pedophiles! JWs obviously have no “love of neighbor,” as you would allow children to be near a pedophile without alerting authorities. Disgusting and obscene! No they are not kept from positions of authority, do you not even read the actual letters from the Society, copies of which are readily accessible on this site? Known pedophiles can be put in positions of authority and they often are elders. Your statement about domestic violence also shows you’re simply grasping at straws and not reflecting what is said in your own Watchtower; you’re saying what you want to be true of your religion, not what is really true.

        As for “blood guilty” you have no rights to say that. Some priests, some men blessed troops but many men of various faiths have been conscientious objectors and many churches have condemned wars. The Amish also don’t fight. So, you are guilty of defamation. Rutherford also sent a letter to Hitler supporting him so by your reasoning, JWs are just as blood guilty:

        “The conference of five thousand delegates also noted – as is expressed in the declaration – that the Bible Researchers of Germany are fighting for the very same high ethical goals and ideals which also the national government of the German Reich proclaimed respecting the relationship of humans to God, namely: honesty of the created being towards its creator.”

        See the post at

        Yes, Tony Morris did blame homosexuals for pedophilia in your JW TV broadcasting.

        Interesting that I know the facts about your religion when you simply make up what you want to be true. Your religion has lied, made false predictions, defamed other people with a blanket condemnation of all religions and those in them, supported the same war efforts that you say condemn those other religions, encouraged women to stay with violent husbands rather than calling the police, abandoned child abuse victims to their pedophiles, and of course, now you’re on this page, lying about all these matters. You’ve only proven to me that JWs are liars and hypocrites and don’t even bother to find out the truth of their own religion.

    • You’re incorrect to say that the child with lesbian parents wrote to express her views; she drew a picture of her family, as did the other child. The child with two mommies didn’t tell Sophia that her family is doomed for all eternity because they believe in a false religion, so Sophia and her family are out of line in telling Carrie that her family is doomed for all eternity because they don’t agree with homosexuality. Note, you’re talking about your god, and your god may not be their god, and what makes your god happy may not be for everyone’s benefit or make everyone else happy. Since there is no proof your god exists other than some ancient book asserting his existence, Sophia is better off not condemning another child based on that book.

      • That statement has some truth to it.Maybe I should seen the video for myself before I gave my opinion. Thank you for the kind correction.

  9. still can’t get their minds around the fact that homosexuals are born that way (and in Gods image…) They still think it is some weird ‘lifestyle choice’ As if anyone would deliberately chose to be gay considering the flak they cop. Great article, well written and hopefully add to the reams of helpful posts out there…

  10. I’m shaking my head. Just disgusting! Interesting how the girl is looking forward to seeing all those animals in paradise – presumably the same kind of animals that her God killed during the Flood – FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!

    • First off as Creator the animals belong to GOD just as do we MEN. It is the potter that owns the pot, not the pot that owns the potter. Men kill animals all the time. For food, to enjoy the kill, so they can hang a lion’s head on their wall.

      As for the Flood, the Bible states the whole Earth was filled with violence. The thoughts of men was bad all the time, there was no possible salvation of the planet at that time. In fact there were only 8 righteous obedient to God individuals left in the entire world.

      Noah warned the people of the coming flood for some 70 years while he was building the Ark. The people all laughed and ridiculed him and did not hear a word he had to say. (Keep this thought in mind). Noah finished the Ark and took enough animals to restart all the species. One day Noah and his family were told to enter the Ark and stay there. The ramp and door were left open so anyone could still get aboard. Then the door was closed by Jehovah and the rain started to fall. How many people do you suppose tried to get aboard the Ark at that time, however it was too late.

      For over 100 years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been preaching the coming of God’s kingdom here on Earth. Jesus told of it and explained to his apostles that that day would be far in the future but those days would be like the days of Noah, a world filled with violence and hatred. Tell me that does not describe the whole world today. Further, he said that just as then, the people would for the most part ignore the warning just as they did in Noah’s day.

      Peter said in his letters that the people would be ridiculers. The would say “where is this promised presence of His? Why, things today are just the same as when our forefathers fell asleep in death” as they mocked those who would be warning of the end at that future time. JW’s have been sounding the warning for over 100 years and just as Noah and Jesus in his day are mocked, reviled and slandered, they too subject to endless criticism and outright false accusations.

      • Humans are not clay pots; we are not inanimate beings who don’t know if and when we’re being destroyed. To create humans who are naturally homosexual and then decide to destroy them for it is an obscenity and just cruel. Your supposed god may have the right to do what he wants in your eyes, but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. It’s barbaric and disgusting. “The earth was filled with violence,” so kill little children and babies? Every man and woman on the planet was violent? Not only is that highly unlikely, but what a testament to his failure of creation.

        JWs can apply any scripture to themselves; it doesn’t mean they’re right. Hey look, someone is criticizing my blog, therefore I must be a true prophet of god. Obviously JWs don’t know the time of the end or you wouldn’t have needed to continuously change your prediction; first it was 1914, then you decided it was invisible when he didn’t arrive, then 1975, then before the end of the century, now your 1914 generation is “overlapping.” Pointing out your failure to make an accurate prediction isn’t mockery or slander; it’s fact. Your religion is a false prophet. Yes, you face endless criticism for hiding pedophiles, misapplying scripture to shun family, your disgusting treatment of child abuse, rape, and domestic violence victims, for defaming other people and religions for saying they’re “blood guilty” and defaming homosexuals by blaming them for pedophilia. None of those things are false accusations, and wrapping yourself in a warm comforting blanket of “everything you say is persecution from Satan” doesn’t change the ugliness and falsehoods of your religion.

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