Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult?

Jehovah’s Witnesses Instructed to Brutally Kick Their Own Children Out of the Family If They Disobey the Religion

Every year, Jehovah’s Witnesses gather in large cities for their summer regional conventions where they hear various discourses and look forward to new publications and information being released.

In one of their most shocking, disturbing, and cult-like moves to date, in 2016, Jehovah’s Witnesses were shown a video that blatantly instructs parents to brutally shun their own children if they should do anything that is not approved of by the religion. This manipulative presentation is nothing short of abusive and downright difficult to watch, although if you’d like to try, here it is:

“Jehovah’s Way”

First, note, that this woman says that her parents tried hard to do the right thing, to do things “Jehovah’s way.” Says who? Who says that following the Watchtower Society is “Jehovah’s way”?

You can visit this website and find the many failed prophecies and predictions of the Watchtower Society, which easily demonstrate that this religion has no reason to claim god’s backing for anything. Does it make any sense that they have some type of holy spirit backing them when they need to consistently change their doctrines and beliefs?

I doubt that any god would lead his chosen religion into an incorrect understanding of his own bible, only to then “refine” and change those beliefs. It seems obvious that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t do things “Jehovah’s way” but the “Watchtower’s way,” and that way can change according to the whims of their governing body, as it suits them.

Interesting, too, that her parents were not doing things according to how it would best suit their family or each member as an individual, but according to the rules and dictates of their religious beliefs. This rigid, demanding way of living one’s life is not healthy for anyone; not for children who need self-expression, or for parents who may know their own children better than some strangers who dictate and demand how a family should function.

“I Didn’t Have a Hatred for What Is Bad”

It takes about 30 seconds before the woman narrating the video immediately blames herself for what next happens to her family. She refers to the idea that she didn’t have a hatred for what is bad.

Again, says who?

Who says that what she is doing is “bad”? This “bad” thing involved loving a man who apparently was not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This “bad” thing happens millions of times outside this religion, and yet people somehow manage to find happiness and fulfillment in those relationships. How are they so “bad,” and why should she have a “hatred” for the man with whom she fell in love?

The real point, however, is that the video sets it up to blame her for how her family falls apart, not her family and their own actions. In the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s always the fault of the other person, not Jehovah’s Witnesses and their actions and their rigid, judgmental, demanding beliefs.

All About Everyone Else

The woman then goes on to talk about how she is disfellowshipped (excommunicated) and how it “crushed” her whole family. They were so “crushed” that her father told her that she couldn’t even stay in the family home because she refused to change her “lifestyle.”

Bear in mind, she is simply in a relationship with a man who is not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses; she’s not doing drugs, stealing, blowing up federal buildings, or refusing to get a job. She is also apparently an adult by now, because she is seen getting her own place after moving out of her family home.

Yet, despite the fact that she is an adult, her family is “crushed” that she is respecting her own feelings about life, love, and relationships, something they refuse to do.


The “loving” religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, finding out the horrific truth that one of their own has actually made up her own mind about whom she will love and how her personal relationships will work for her.

The woman says that she was determined to “do what I wanted.” And? What’s the problem with this?

Isn’t this what adults are supposed to do, make up their own minds about relationships, love, morals, and so on? She also says that she didn’t even care that her parents’ “hearts were breaking.”

Let me make it clear. Her parents shouldn’t have broken hearts over the fact that their grownup daughter is making her own choices in life. If it breaks their hearts to see their daughter choose her own beliefs, her own relationships, and her own love, that’s on them, not her.

The video laments that the daughter didn’t take her parents’ “devastation and disappointment” into account, but it’s not her responsibility to do that as an adult. It’s not up to the parents to be “disappointed” that their daughter is now daring to be an adult and is choosing her own path in the world, and it’s not up to the adult daughter to wrap her life around her parents and their feelings.

To avoid their disappointment, the daughter would need to remain a child, with her parents making all her decisions and dictating her entire life to her. How far do we take this thinking, to the point of arranged marriages, picking out your child’s career, and deciding where they will live? The parents are also demanding their child follow their religious beliefs, saying what she must feel in her heart about god, the bible, and so on.

Lest you think I’m being overly particular, note this quote from the literature of Jehovah’s Witnesses:

“No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his family and his beliefs.”
~ Awake, July 2009

Obviously they didn’t mean to apply this to children of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as they most certainly should be forced to worship, live, and love in a way that they find unacceptable, lest they be forced to give up their families.

Who is to Blame?

The narrator says that she blamed her parents for her situation, and even blamed Jehovah. Well, they are to blame. The daughter didn’t leave home of her own accord; she was kicked out for making a decision not to the parents’ liking.

The video shows the daughter trying to get into contact with her parents, yet they won’t even answer her phone calls. It is indeed their fault, for thinking that they can or should toss their child out onto the street and disown her simply because she exercised her own free will and decided that the beliefs of her parents are not her beliefs, and that she was in love with a man her parents were not in love with. Oh, the horror.

children 2While writing this post, I saw a news story of a woman in Pakistan who was set on fire by her own mother for marrying without the family’s permission. The horrific nature of that crime made me literally sick, and while the two are obviously not the same, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities.

In both cases, a grownup woman dared to make a choice about a man she loved and what she thought was best for her and her own life. She dared to defy her family by simply falling in love with someone they didn’t approve of, and both paid a steep price for doing something so “brazen.” In both cases, the parents selfishly demanded that the women always do what they wanted, and then took it upon themselves to punish the women when they didn’t fall in line.

Of course, Jehovah’s Witnesses will never see the similarities and they may even be quick to judge this Pakistani mother, saying that she’s barbaric and evil; at the same time, Jehovah’s Witnesses will kick a child out of the family for loving someone outside the religion.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will say that those other people are deluded, but will also say that when they shun their own children, it’s done out of love. Those murdering people are horrific, but Witnesses who turn their backs on their children and don’t even answer their phone calls are supposedly loving.

Consider, too, that the video says that her parents were following the bible example of Aaron, brother of Moses, whose two sons were put to death by god, and who was told not to mourn them, as an example to the nation. While Jehovah’s Witnesses may never see themselves as being as barbaric as someone who sets their own child on fire, when your attitude and conduct tells a child that they are dead to you for simply deciding on their own life, when you laud the example of a man who refuses to mourn his own children after being slaughtered in front of him, you really are not as different as you might assume.

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  1. Hi

    I am married to a man who grew up as a JW and then his family left the religion for about 15 years and just recently they all went back and some have even gotten baptized 😦 . So my Husband jumped on the family bandwagon and let me tell you it’s been very difficult living with this man & his new ideas , his manipulation, bossiness & crazy demands …. Cause he is the head of the house as he has been told by his new elders & new JW friends,,,,,,,,, I thought we where equals.

    It’s gotten so bad that when my 12 year old son from my first Marriage told us he thinks his gay , my husband kicked him out the house , as he will not have that kind of behavior in his house affecting his (OUR) younger children ……. He has even written off my family cause they don’t have the same views on Gay people as he does …… Calling us all idiots & telling me I failed as a mother . Cause I allowed him to spend time with my gay sister & my gay brother , which made him think it’s okay to be gay …..

    Yet when I threatened to leave , he tells me he loves me & did this for the good of our little family …… and goes around acting like nothing has happened …….

    He believes having a stepchild is unnatural , he believes gay people are as bad as a serial killers and can’t see why I don’t understand & under no circumstances my his children (OUR) be allowed to visit my gay siblings unsupervised…….

    Yet for years he visited with my gay siblings, celebrated all the pagan beliefs etc and after 10 years of marriage he goes back to this crazy cult …..
    His family agrees that chucking out my son was a good thing and the next good thing they have told him is he must try his best to get me to see the True Religion ……..

    We no longer go near each others families together as he has written off my family cause we have no Morals , I can’t divorce him yet as i need to put all my ducks in a row , so it’s just a bloody mess & it’s all because of this Cult they call a religion.

    • Dear Loren,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. My heart goes out to you. We here on the forum know all too well what happens when a spouse becomes involved or becomes re-involved in the JW cult. How ironic that he insists on your children being supervised when around your gay siblings, yet the JW cult has rampant child sex abuse going on, right within their “holy” church.

      Your husband says he loves you, and I’m sure in his own way he does; however, in the JW cult there is ONLY conditional love – there are many strings attached. You get the love if you see things their way; you are removed from that love if you don’t. JW’s claim to be followers of Christ but Christ did not withhold his love from anyone.

      You are doing the absolute right thing by getting your ducks in a row prior to divorcing your husband. I would highly recommend also getting child psychologists on board and a divorce attorney who is well versed with these kind of divorces where there is a clear and present danger to the children because of the extremist views one parent can hold. If your soon-to-be ex-husband is allowed to indoctrinate your children with the extremist and harmful views of the JW cult, you run the real risk of losing your children to the religion, which means the end of their relationship with you.

      If I were in your shoes, I would be adamant that you had full custody, and that written in the terms of your divorce settlement was a section dedicated to preserving the health and wellbeing of your children, including being kept away from any harmful activities (JW meetings and Bible studies) and views (views expressed by your husband or his family members). This would also include the right of your children to receive a blood infusion to save their lives, because trust me, your husband will not fight to save their lives – his allegiance is to the Organization first, even at the expense of his own life, much less at the expense of your children’s lives. By the way, JW men are taught that it is their Biblical obligation to ensure that their children are raised in “the Truth” despite what a non-believing spouse may say or how they feel.

      Children are very impressionable – all it takes is for your husband or one of his family members to tell them that they will die at Armageddon if they don’t serve Jehovah. This is enough to get them to want to conform to the JW ways out of fear for their lives. I remember reading a recent entry on this forum about a child coming home crying because her JW grandmother told her that her non-JW mother was going to die at Armageddon.

      I do not raise these issues to instill fear or anxiety but simply to give you a heads-up of what needs to be done to protect your children and your God-given right to have the best possible relationship with them. Feel empowered by the information you may receive from this forum – you won’t be able to have the wool pulled over your eyes when they are already wide-opened.

      I will keep you in my thoughts.

      My very best,

  2. I ran across this site in my researching various articles relating to the shunning practice & how they try to justify this ungodly pratice. I myself was shunned at 18 for being caught smoking a cigarette in a public place by one of the top elders nieces. No second witness, no chance to say a word before it was handed down. I had faded myself years prior due to things I saw & heard that were wrong that I just witnessed as a young child & teenager. My situation is different then a lot of you on here in the fact that my mother does still speak to me some. We dont have a good relationship by any means & rarely see one another but Im thankful she hasnt cut me off completely as everyone else did. My struggle now is the multiple times she tries to preach how my wrongdoing & actions have sealed my fate & that unless I return to them I will not have any chance of receiving gods love. I do not agree with that at all & at this point question my belief in god based on being raised a jw & all the false information they brainwash you into believing. I cant share all the information I find without the possibility of losing all contact with her forever but I also cant live with her trying to brainwash me back or starting to try to brainwash my 6 yr old son into believing this garbage. How does one handle the situation like mine? I dont want to lose my mom forever but I will not go along with the jws to keep her in my life. I know I will not be able to get her away from it. Ive laid out several facts for her over the years but she wants no part of that.

    • Dear Nicole. I am very sorry to hear of your struggles. There are many of us who completely understand from personal experience exactly what you are going through. Nicole, I think you know deep down what it is that you have to do. You yourself said it: you cannot live with your mother trying to brainwash you back nor starting to try and brainwash your son. Please reflect on your words carefully….you cannot LIVE with the situation. I know how hard it is to let go of people you wish you didn’t have to let go of, and I know how difficult it is being cut-off from everyone you have ever known, but you have real incentive to end your relationship with your mother: your life, your sanity, your peace of mind, and, most of all, to protect your child. Nicole, if your child becomes a JW then you are really in a difficult situation because you run the real risk of not being able to be in your child’s life unless you return to the JW organization, and you’ve already said you can’t live with potentially being brainwashed again. Your mother most likely only retained some semblance of a relationship with you with the goal of getting you to return and/or to “save” your child. She will never be able to be the mother you want her to be nor will she be able to love you unconditionally because she’s been brainwashed to believe that love is conditional, i.e. based on whether or not you’re a JW. Your mother is who she is, and you are who you are. If you truly believe the JW religion is not for you and your child, then you have no choice but to remove yourself from any situation and environment that could potentially cause you problems. Peace be with you. God IS LOVE. No loving Creator, whose image we are created in, would ever place strings attached to that love. JW’s place strings attached. It is man-made.

      • Thank you Ann! You are exactly right, I just needed my thoughts justified by someone outside the situation to validate how I was feeling & that the only option I am left with. Its so incredibly sad how this corporation is dividing families & gives both those on the inside & outside no option to overcome it. I will never understand how any parent could ever be convinced by anyone or anything to turn their back on their children to make their religion happy. I will never support that or the long list of other real issues I have been enlightened to. I only hope many others will come to that realization & find out the real truth for themselves. Thank you Ann for giving me peace of mind in my decision & validating my feelings!

      • Dear Nicole. You are most welcome! I’m so glad that you’ve reached a decision that leaves you feeling validated, justified and at peace. I wish you and your precious son a very joyful and peaceful life. If there’s anything we can learn from having been inside the JW organization is the extreme gratitude we can feel for the gift of freedom – freedom of choice, freedom to be who we want to be without outside interference, freedom to live our lives to the fullest, freedom to be independent thinkers. Best wishes for your future.

      • Thank you so much Ann! You have no idea how much your kind uplifting words mean to me. I really appreciate it! I wish you all the very best! 🙂

  3. Can somone please confirm that a report in the Hull daily mail newspsper in Uk is true thst the elders there have disfellowshiped a 10 year old child..surely this is illegal..joj

    • Hi John. I live in Bermuda, and so am unfamiliar with what is happening in the UK. I can say that the scenario is absolutely possible and does happen. I know persons as young as 8 that became baptized Witnesses, and once you’re baptized, you can be disfellowshipped and all that that entails. Religions are afforded many liberties and protections. It’s perfectly legal for religions to create and follow their own procedures, including that of disfellowshipping minors. This is where the law needs to come into play because the shunning of a 10-year old causes serious emotional and psychological issues, and should be considered as abuse. Until the laws are changed, amended or made to protect children, this abuse will continue to happen. If anyone can find out the validity of the news report, it’s Alexandra.

  4. Can somone find out if it is true that a 10 year old has been DFd in Hull in UK. It was reported in the Hull daily mail. If this is true it surely is a crime

  5. I couldn’t force myself to watch the clip the whole way through. Aside from the fact that it brought back too many negative memories, the contents of the video are so opposite to my belief system and as to how I view our Creator, it nauseated me. I didn’t develop a relationship with our Creator until after I left the JW organization. Whilst in the organization, I didn’t really want anything to do with a God who was so callous, jealous, vengeful and uncaring. JW’s will teach that God is love (which I believe wholeheartedly) but, in the same breath they also teach that he isn’t (being callous, jealous, and vengeful doesn’t fall under the umbrella of love). What’s most nauseating to me is that the JW’s hold God responsible for all of their acts of unkindness, claiming this is what Jehovah wants, and what He expects. That’s so not true. I have zero tolerance for liars; for people who can’t take accountability for their own actions; for people who love to point the blame elsewhere; for bullies; and for people who try to hurt the reputation of others through slander. Our loving Creator has been slandered and made out to be a bully! hope other countries follow suit like Russia did by banning the extreme religion of Jehovah’a Witnesses. Vulnerable people need to be protected, which is who the JW cult preys on.

  6. Jehovah witness are majestically filled with cobra and rattle snake venom. My husband is a jw and for the past 7 yrs i have tried to show him the wrong deceptive ways of the WT but he refuses to open his eyes and mind. My husband has a one track mind. This is sooo sad.

  7. Im at a loss. My ex-husband who was not a Jw when we were married is now baptized as a Jw.
    We have 2 kids togethor. What is the best stance to take with them on that religion. I try to be open because I feel if i fight it that it will push them. And I openly tell them when I dont agree with something they were told. But i feel at such a loss. Is there something i could read or study that would help me with this. Or a support group?

    • Hi Jennifer, my advice would be to be open about your thoughts without actually pushing or telling your children what to think. Remember that JWs are not actually allowed to think for themselves or ask questions, so if you simply say things like “That doesn’t sound like it makes sense, what about this…” and then just offer a different viewpoint. The key is to get your kids thinking and to make it okay for them to think, doubt, ask questions, make up their own mind, etc. That will appeal to them over anything else. Remember, too, that you can always insist on things being respected in your house; if one child demands that they don’t celebrate Halloween, you don’t need to force it on them, but can also insist they respect other people’s celebrations and views. This will help them to keep an open mind rather than tuning out the rest of the world. Best of luck!

      • Thats how I feel I have been handling it, but sometimes it is so hard.
        Over the weekend, my daughter came home and with a tear in her Eye, asked why Grandma said I (meaning me) was going to die because I wasnt saved. Upon investigating the comment through an older child, I found out it wasn’t worded exactly like that but as an eight-year-old that’s what she heard. So I sat down like you just said and said and how I believed as compared to what they believed and I’m sorry that they (jw) felt that way about me.

    • Dear Jennifer. I assume you live in the States? May I also assume that you have joint/shared custody with your ex-husband? I live in Bermuda, and our laws are based off of the UK laws. I have joint custody of my daughter with my ex-husband. When it comes to decisions regarding health, education and religion, we must agree. If we do not agree, then each of us has the right to go to court to explain why one of us may feel that something may or may not be in the best interest of the child. The judge will then decide. I say this because if you are not in agreement with the JW teachings; with the religion being so extreme; with your girls being taught something that causes them to come home crying believing that their mother is going to die, etc. then your ex-husband cannot force those religious teachings on them. Believe me when I say, you will easily find a child psychologist who will testify on your behalf and after speaking with your children, that in her professional opinion it would not be in the best interest of the children to be raised with the extreme views of the JW religion. The JW religion brainwashes its members. Members are not able to think for themselves anymore. Children are impressionable; repeat something to them over and over and they will believe it, especially if what is being repeated to them is coming from an authority figure and someone they trust (like a parent). If you’re uncomfortable telling your ex-husband that you don’t agree with him or any member of his family instilling JW teachings into your children, and that if he doesn’t stop you will seek legal advice, then all you can do is counteract any lies your children are taught with actual truths. For example, if your children are taught that the world is coming to an end, you could say: “God spent so much time and put so much thought into making this very beautiful planet for us to live on, it doesn’t make any sense to me that he would want to destroy it or anything in it.” If they come to you and tell you that wicked people will be destroyed (which, according to the JW’s is anyone who isn’t a JW [that’s why your 8-year old came home crying]) perhaps you can counteract that with: “that doesn’t make any sense to me at all, because God loves everyone, and God is love. To hurt someone in any way, including not letting them live, isn’t an act of love – it’s an act of hate. God is not hate. Sounds like your dad/grandma are very confused.” I hope things work out for you. p.s. I was introduced to the JW religion at age 5. It has left me with PTSD, anxiety, phobias, and for a very long time, feelings of inadequacy and poor self-esteem. I was awakened 17 years ago at age 30 and left. You have the power to ensure your children are not victims of the organization.

  8. I’ve been baptized since I was 12 and I honestly didn’t know what I was doing, thought it’d make my parents proud but it just ended up dooming my whole life. I’m 19 now. Growing up as a teenager I’ve told my mom countless times that I want to take a break from attending meetings but she always brushed it off and just asked me if I can hold in a little longer and I happily obliged. As I was growing up I cared less each day about the religion that I only ended up attending meetings to satisfy my parents but they didn’t know they didn’t see it or want to accept I don’t know. So, I’ve been happily in love with my girlfriend for 1 year and today makes 8 months (yes I’m gay). I’m in a long distance relationship but whenever she came down my parents let her stay with open arms and so do her parents when I go to her but my parents didn’t know she was my girlfriend they only thought she was my best friend as opposed to her parents, they know and support us. I posted pictures of us on Instagram and thought I blocked everyone but just so happens I didn’t. Saturday, this girl from my hall asked to hang out (I’ve known her for years and she rarely asks to hang out let alone anyone) so I agree and we do. Basically she asked to hang out to give me an ultimatum. If I don’t tell my parents and the elders in a week she will confess to the elders herself. Mind you, I have the regional convention this weekend and this following Monday I’m supposed to go to my girlfriend’s and go on vacation with her and her family. She told me that I have to choose what’s more important, my girlfriend or family and I’ve tried reasoning with her that I’ll be getting kicked out. So, scared and anxious I confessed yesterday and I have to confess to the elder tomorrow at 7 with my mother because my dad is an elder as well but he wants no part of me anymore. He doesn’t even want me in his presence or to even acknowledge he’s my father. They’re kicking me out as I expected and I’m basically being treated like dirt. The point is, I love my family that I basically put everything on hold for them INCLUDING my studies. I did as asked from my mother, I tried reaching out but I completely lost all motivation for attending meetings and being a part of this cult-like religion. God only knows how much I love my family and the things I’ve done for the sake of humiliation and disappointment. I’ve had sleepless nights, days with full blown anxiety, and I didn’t say a single peep because I wanted to wait till we moved next year where no one would know anything and my family could start new. But, it was a matter of time. My parents have done so much for me and I hate myself for not being able to do half of what they did. Although I’m terribly devastated and worried for my mother, I feel free. Free to be genuinely happy and free of this falseness that surrounds me. I was never happy in this religion and especially at church, I’ve done it all for them. I just wish they can see how much I was hurting and the simple fact that they can’t or refuse to just tells me so much especially about my parents. This will take time and I’m actually grateful I can have people to relate to because in this moment of chaos it’s always better to know you’re not alone. I don’t agree with most of their beliefs MAINLY because they rely on the Society and it’s disgusting. I’m grateful my girlfriend’s parents were defending me and are supporting me through this especially given the though they’re not even Religious. I’m happy with who I am and who I love because I’ve never been this happy despite everything going on now.

    • Ur only chance at happiness is to leave the cult.. They will never accept u or ur lifestyle and them meeting with you is to just build ammunition against you.. Turn ur family against you… Trust… I’m living proof…

  9. As with many religions, there are always those who are extremists that give a bad rap to all in their religion. I have family that are JWs and I have never been one. I got pregnant at 19, not married – my family that are JW’s have ALWAYS been there for me and my family. They have never treated me unkindly. I remember as a child when we would visit them we would occasionally go to service with them on Sunday. My uncle was one of their Pastors (or whatever they refer to them as) and I was never pushed into or away from them. Their entire congregation was accepting of all people no matter their religion or beliefs. I have a couple of cousins who left the congregation and no one was ignored or shunned or pushed out of the family. I don’t know if this is because this is a midwest congregation, or if that even matters, but I just thought that I would share my interactions with the JW’s. As with any religion, race, or ethnic group…they aren’t all bad.

    • That’s Great! And I agree…I have JW friends and they’re quite nice. Even knowing I go to church. My study buddy, G. who’s been having health issues lately, emails me verses and I look them up. We don’t agree on the BIGGIE (CHRIST) but she’s never been nasty or snippy. In fact, considering my penchant for talking, the woman has the patience of Job!

      What I don’t get is so many horror stories of people who have left the organization. And hearing talks about shunning, directly from ‘the top’ as it were. Your family either doesn’t pay too much attention to those talks or, like you said, you guys live in the mid-west, where things are more…..Walton-ish. :/ Hope that’s the case.

  10. I’m 16, and I simply don’t agree with the teachings anymore. I want a higher education. I want to make a good living when I grow older and they look down upon that. I also have secretly had a girlfriend for over a year now (she’s not in the religion) and I was recently caught by a brother at the mall. I’m afraid to confess to my mother all of this but I have to. My mom is the only one pushing this upon me. She is married to my stepdad which is not a witness and well I’m kinda lost and need any advice that can be given to me about telling her

    • I’m sorry you’re going through all this and you’re certainly not alone, but it’s good that you’re seeing through their teachings now while you’re young and haven’t yet thrown away your life. I might ask, have you spoken to your stepfather about what’s going on with you and asked for his support? How does he feel about the shunning policies of the religion, would he help you through this or do you think he would back your mother if she decided to start cutting you out of her life? Is your father still in the picture, would he support you at all?

      I would strongly suggest you be prepared for working at getting a higher education yourself, without your mother’s support, and for possibly having to move out when you’re 18. Start thinking about work you can do, look into scholarships now so you get financial support for college, save money if you can for moving in with a roommate, all that. It’s awful to have all those adult things put upon you now, but consider that you’re planning for a long-term future free of the religion, which means you might need to make some sacrifices and work a bit harder if you don’t have the support of your parents. It’s worth that work though, you’ll enjoy your life much more if you make it your own.

      • Thank you so much, I already have a job and I’m starting to save up. My dads around but he’s not a huge help and I’m afraid if I speak to my step dad he’ll run off and tell her

      • If you’re afraid of your stepfather’s reaction, it might be good to just wait it out for awhile longer until you’re older and more independent and know how he might respond. Remember that whatever you say, you can’t take it back once it’s out there! It can be tough to be patient, but keep planning for your own future and use some discretion in what you say and do. I actually used to pretend in my mind that I was an actress playing a part, it was the only thing that got me through the meetings and having to pretend to be part of the religion. Once you’re older you might have a better idea of how to talk to your mother but patience might be good for right now. Keep in touch and let me know how it’s going and stay strong, you’re on the right path.

      • It’s not the case. Not at all. They are all quite nice and easy to get along with……as long as your not baptized. Once your baptized, that all changes if you even have a question. I, literally for years, didn’t understand what all the upset was about when I asked for a clarification on an issue or two. I just wanted a more complete understanding of God’s word. I wasn’t looking for trouble and didn’t even suspect that there was an entire secret elder’s book to deal with “peopIe like me.” Ironically, a family friend who was an elder spilled the beans on that tidbit of information then ask me not to tell that he said anything to me about that book even existing. I didn’t even realize I was being “marked.” I attended every meeting faithfully, studied regularly, didn’t associate with “worldly people” (which is what you, incidentally, are categorized under, but probably were never told that), went out in service…..I just was a very faithful student of the Bible all my life and found real knowledge and the Watchtower doesn’t co-exist. I didn’t even have to use the internet (that was a sin back then, especially for research purposes) or “worldly publications.” Archaeological findings, history, the Bible itself was all I had available to me if you wanted to be a “good witness.” So, I didn’t go beyond that. I didn’t have to. The Ministry School is where JWs are taught how to approach “worldly people” (that’s you) to pull them in more……but in their world it’s “helping and enlightening them” to see their error. There is NO room for individuality, higher education or anything but the Watchtower and their guidelines because anything else is a suspected stumbling block and you risk being “an apostate” or simply being “misled.” The saddest part is there are many people that truly are looking for a closer, more personal relationship with their creator. And if you’re a woman, you are completely at your husband’s mercy in all things. Even your sins are judged differently in the congregation. Might be the exact same sin, but different judgement rules. IIf you “cheat” he gets to sit in on all the little details of your “shame” with a complete judicial commitee to decide your fate. If he “cheats” the equivalent of a finger-wagging in private is all he gets and you are barred from knowing anything simply because he is a man and you are merely a woman. That rule is in black-and-white. Period. No exceptions. The rules are different for different sexes. If you don’t like it and don’t like it loud enough, YOU are disfellowshipped publicly (that means in front of the entire congregation, which means you are unacceptable as an associate in any way and have no recourse). Not in God’s eyes, but in the Watchtowers. If they tell you any different, that’s simply a lie. Over three decades of experience here.

    • Hi Anxious Teen….One thing you COULD do, by way of an innocent inquiry, is ask where God says that people can’t have a decent education. Luke was a doctor. Matthew was a tax collector, so I’m assuming he had to have some knowledge of Math. Seriously, though, where DOES the BIBLE say that a higher education is against God’s law? I’m curious about that answer myself. Ask, perhaps, about what kind of education the people in the writing department have to have in order to get jobs there. Surely at least journalism. And it might make them think, “Okay, this person might use his education for JEHOVAH!” (GAG!) ;p

      As far as baptism, you have sit your mother down and tell her, “I have to know WHY I’m getting baptized otherwise it’s meaningless,” which it would be.

      At the end of the day, you have to be true to yourself or you’ll crack under the strain of trying to be someone you aren’t.

    • Dear Anxious teen. I know it’s been a while since your post, so I truly hope all is going well with you. Have you spoken to your school guidance counselor? You can request that whatever is said remain confidential. The guidance counselor is the best source for scholarships and financial assistance. He or she may even know someone who can help students receive a higher education when the student doesn’t have the necessary family support. I applaud you for being able to see through the JW teachings, and for wanting a better life for yourself. Persevere and know that any hardships you are experiencing right now are temporary, and you will come out on the other side stronger for it, and with the life you want to have. I send you my best wishes.

  11. How in the WORLD can this group lay claim to Christ’s name (calling themselves ‘CHRISTIANS’ and mistreat people so horribly! No wonder many people leave this CULT and become ATHEISTS?!?! It’s CRUELTY beyond description!

    If anyone can define WT ‘LOVE’ for me, I’m all eyes. Is this the same sort of LOVE that provoked a guy in Orlando Florida to open fire in a gay nightclub and kill people. I wouldn’t do to complete strangers, no matter what I thought of their lifestyle, what JW’s do to their own family!

    John 10:10 works here.

    • Please don’t judge organized religion by what JWs do and preach. Some religions claim to follow God’s word while killing anyone that doesn’t convert to their religion. They really and truly think they are just in their god’s eyes. Knowledge and higher education does not co-exist well with the Watchtower because you actually think and reason. Totally not approved. I personally believe the Bible, in it’s complete form, is accurate as far as it’s translated by man (there are now much older, more complete ancient scriptures that have been discovered that more support the King James Version of the Bible as more accurate, but the JW’s don’t accept the older more complete ancient writings and some verses and chapters are completely left out). I don’t think that makes the Bible any less valid. However, I think faith, prayer, and trying to apply and adapt in your life to be patterned after the practices of Jesus, the Christ and Savior of all mankind (including women) does produce fruits that are clearly seen. Those fruits are not what I see in the Watchtower. Sadly, many of them think it’s there, but that’s due to the brainwashing, isolation techniques and fear of shunning (not Godly fear………following God makes you feel good, joyous and free, not guilty, miserable and fearful). I see the destruction of God’s most sacred provision, the family. In the Watchtower, having children is frowned upon “because of the last days” and instead of providing assistance to wayward children, if baptzed, they are unceremoniously tossed out without a second glance. Fat chance of helping them change their lives by changing their heart. There are very, very serious problems in the Watchtower and you will be put out if you dare bring it to anyone’s attention, man or woman. They truly are ignorant of what God’s word really is and truly think they are doing the right thing. Really hard to get them to see that God’s purpose is not what they think and practice…….remember, they are taught worldly people are misled at best, evil and to be destroyed at the worst. They are on guard against ANY direction from a “non-witness” because you are automatically deemed as one with no real Biblical knowledge. It’s hard, but it can be done. And they are usually very, very strong Christians for the trouble for the rest of their lives.

  12. i almost vomitted watching that, so sad and manipulative, of course the girl deserves to have her parents without a ball and chain attached. they made their decision and shes made hers, respect that. its absolutely disgusting and sickening to know our own family members caught up in this cult will actually clap at the end of this video and agree with every word, when looking in from outside the box it is sickening to the core. the law needs to step up now and stop this now!

    • I am 45 yrs old.. I watch this and want to vomit… How can a Father turn his back on his 2 daughters? I am scared by this.. Feel robbed.. Cheated.. Neglected.. This has shaped me into the broken woman I am today.. Who struggles to deal with never being loved and accepted by my Father.. The Elder Brother James Thomas.. Who chose this cult over me.. Over being a Father to me.. Like I’m nothing… The God I know doesn’t teach that.. But now it’s too late.. I’m bitter because I don’t even know what his favorite food is.. Or what his hugs feel like.. Or what he smells like… I’m broken.. The hurt is numbing… Yet my tears are a reminder that I was never anything to him… How cud he be so careless with the fragility of an innocence of a helpless child… And I am still that child inside.. Because I was never nurtured to grow..


      • Hi Brooke!

        You’re So very right that the God of the BIBLE doesn’t treat people like that. What your father is serving is the enemy in disguise as an “ANGEL OF LIGHT”. But John 10:10 says that the THIEF comes not but to steal, kill and destroy, but I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. .

        In the meantime, know that…for what it’s worth, that your father is being cheated by the enemy just like you were cheated out of your father by that same enemy. He may well WAKE UP one day and realize all he has been robbed of. TRAGIC is the mother of all understatements for what this CULT robs people of. NOT the LEAST of which is a relationship with Christ.

        I was talking to a JW gentleman who was at his magazine post with two other ladies, and I asked about the “Good News From God” magazine, and he went on about the new earth. I asked about John 3:16 and he was semi-dismissive; saying that the RANSOM was what will make the new world possible. Then I asked about Romans 6:23, and kinda left it at that; hoping God will bring it to mind when he needs it. But Jesus is a secondary issue to this guy. It’s all Jehovah, JEHOVAH , JEHOVAH ! In the Watchtower world, Jesus is Jan Brady. But it’s JESUS who said, “Anyone who comes to ME I will, by NO MEANS, cast out!” That means YOU. Jesus knows us and loves us anyway. The WT will disfellowship someone for smoking or taking a blood transfusion but rape and molest all the kids you want, no biggie.

        I’ve also heard it said that you can take John 3:16 and substitute “WHOSOEVER” with your own name.

        In the meantime, have you been able to talk to someone, a psychiatrist or someone who can help you work through this. It’s HUGE and not something you want to deal with alone. If you have a doctor, ask him or her to refer you to someone you can talk to about this.

        Also, are you familiar with Marc and Cora (Marc Cora) or Mike and Kim (Kim Mikey) on Youtube? Actually, Mike and Kim have a specific site that would be better for you. You can contact Mike and Kim through their site. They are ex-witnesses who can help people WAKE UP and those who have come out to get some help. I swear, Kim is an octopus…the woman’s got 12 hands. They both have mothers who are shunning them as apostates. So they would know EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

        Hope that helps. But do know that the REAL JESUS LOVES YOU!

      • Brooke, please try to understand that your father did not choose his cult over you, his daughter. He is brainwashed. He is taught by this cult that the ONLY CHANCE for him to help save your life is to cut you out of his, make you feel the loss and the “error of your ways.” It isn’t a lack of love for you, it’s all he knows how to do. It isn’t what the Bible actually teaches, but the JWs limited allowances of it. If you can feel pain, you may be damaged, but not broken. Broken is exactly what satan wants you to feel. Broken, hopeless, choiceless, miserable, sad, angry and dead inside. He/it wants you also to feel like you were never anything to to your Father. That is a complete lie……your Father doesn’t know any better and thinks he’s doing right by you and by God. Forgive him. He doesn’t have the complete picture, but he will someday. I pray for your guidance and healing. It will be hard and painful, but it can be done. In the end, you may even gain him back (they may turn on him too). If you were raised “in the truth,” please don’t judge God’s word by what the JWs do. They truly act mostly in ignorance…….some in evil……but mostly in ignorance. Pray for your eyes and heart to be open, for the Heavenly Father’s guidance and the strength to act upon it. You will find more joy and security than you ever thought possible and you never know how things will work out in the future. Just work on healing. It’s God that truly helps us to grow…..but we must be willing to go on the journey. I wish you the best. It is much more wonderful than you can imagine.

  13. Sadly, same thing was happening in the JW organization 50 years ago. I was not disfellowshipped but chose to “disassociate.” I wanted to end all ties with the organization; I did not want to be counted as an “inactive” JW. Baptized at the wise age of 12, a few years later I realized I did not want to be one. I continued as a JW for a few more years until I telephoned one of the elders and told him I simply was no longer one. Announced at the Kingdom Hall that I was “disassociated,” my JW family and everyone I had known my whole life stopped taking to me. While it was a steep price, several decades later I have never regretted my decision.

  14. This post resonated with me deeply. I slowly left the organization, careful that I did not do anything that would be considered a disfellowshippable offense until after I had completely stopped going to meetings. I did not want my family to cut me off. However, after meeting the man that I love and being engaged to marry later this year, that’s exactly what happened. My family ruthlessly, quickly, and cavalierly told me that they would no longer be in contact with me because 1) I’m a disappoint to them, 2) I am no longer going to meetings even though I was baptized (at 9 years of age!!), 3) I was intending to marry someone that was not a JW, and 4) I’ve brought shame upon our family.

    It’s been nearly a year since this has happened. It’s one of the most painful times I’ve gone through, but also freeing. I no longer have to try to get through a conversation with my parents, dreading the inevitable mention of what a disappointment I am. I also realized that it’s ok that I don’t believe in that religion; I am NOT going to die some horrible death simply because I don’t agree with their translation of the Scriptures. Furthermore, I have become happier and more fulfilled; I will be graduating college next year, despite so many threats and warnings my family would issue to me when I brought up higher education.

    In essence, while this has been a difficult transition, it has also been a necessary one. THEY are the ones who decided not to be in contact any longer, not me. But I’m honestly quite relieved, though I still experience occasional pains of guilt.

    • I’m really sorry that happened to you. I did everything right, but made the “mistake” of divorcing the man that tried to kill me. Even though I was not seeing or dating anyone and was told I “was in good standing” with the congregation, I was shunned. After a very, very long time (years) I “found a victim” of my own and committed a disfellowshipping offense (they couldn’t disfellowship me fast enough) because I couldn’t stand the isolation anymore. They didn’t want anything to do with me because they were afraid of him, but I wasn’t allowed to have “worldly associations.” I wasn’t treated any differently than I was before except that I didn’t have anyone discouraging me from summoning the police when the stalking continued (that went on for years and years) and I had friends that acted on my behalf and protected me and my children and neighbors watched my home. I still get tires flattened and windows smashed out if I’m in his locale during birthdays or anniversaries. But nothing was done to this baptized “brother” until after I chose to be disfellowshipped because I was considered an un-obedient wife because I chose not to be killed. I was even warned by three different authority figures that he had a complete plan to kill me. He worked for the fire department so every time the police would come, the matter got swept under the rug…..even though the children were fully involved and completely supported my side. The judge did finally grant my daughter (at her pleading) the right to refuse to see him. My son had reached 18 and could physically hold his own, so he left him alone then. Go with your joy. Allow God to guide you. It is quite possible you could save them from the cult they are brainwashed by.

      • Let me see if I got this right…. they disfellowshipped you because you divorced someone who was abusing you and tried to kill you? If this doesn’t prove the WT puts REPUTATION over PEOPLE, I don’t know what will! UN_ Real!

  15. As a ‘shunned one’ I sympathise with those likewise abandoned. I copped a lifetime punishment for what boiled down to me not believing their crap anymore… Hatefull cult, and ain’t it grand to see it’s demise is not far off…

    • Ur only chance at happiness is to leave the cult.. They will never accept u or ur lifestyle and them meeting with you is to just build ammunition against you.. Turn ur family against you… Trust… I’m living proof…

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