UK Charity Commissions Inquiry

UK Charity Commission Update; They Need Your Stories About Domestic Abuse and Shunning

This morning, Jonathan Sanders, the lead investigator for the UK Charity Commission Inquiry regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, sent out an update regarding their progress. I will post it in its entirety so you can note the information for yourself:

I am writing to ask for your help in progressing our inquiries into the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain. 

As you may already know, our work is divided into two parts.  One is an inquiry into the charity’s policy and practices on safeguarding children and adults who are vulnerable.  The other is an investigation of complaints we have received about other issues, including the charity’s policy and practices on domestic abuse and shunning.  The focus of both parts is how the trustees of the charity are discharging their duties and responsibilities under charity law.

We have made significant progress to date – with very great thanks to those of you who have sent us documents and who have shared their experiences with us, by email, by phone and more recently in person. 

As a result of our inquires to date, we are however now trying to locate documents and to identify case studies of domestic abuse and shunning.


We are trying to locate copies of the following documents:

  • Our Kingdom Ministry, February 1975, Question Box
  • Our Kingdom Ministry, October 1976, Question Box
  • Awake!, November 15, 1991, p 23
  • Awake!, October 8, 1994, pp 22-24
  • The Watchtower, March 15, 1996, p 18

If anyone can point us in the right direction (or if you even have a copy you would be able to email), that would be very much appreciated. 

Case Studies of Domestic Abuse and Shunning

Many of you have contacted us to share your experiences of domestic abuse and shunning with us and we are very grateful to you for taking the time to do so.  We would now like to identify people who would be prepared to allow us to further share their experiences with the trustees of Watch Tower.  This is a big ask and we do recognise that it is not going to be right for everyone.  If you would like to discuss in more detail, please do get in touch – we are very happy to answer any questions.

Home Office Consultation      

You may be interested to know that the Home Office has just launched a consultation on potential changes to the law on safeguarding.  If you would like to know more, please check out the following link:

And finally …   

If you are in need of support, please don’t suffer in silence as there are lots of people and organisations out there who are there to help – we are very happy to put you in touch. 

I have already put Christian Freedom of the Facebook group “Resources for Exposing Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses” on the hunt for the documentation requested; for others, however, note that Mr. Sanders is looking to speak to those who would share their story of domestic abuse and shunning. If you are in the UK and would be willing to speak to him about such cases, contact him directly at

Also note this post about the Charity Commission Inquiry overall, and I will update that page with this information above as quick as I can. Thank you!

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  1. Yes great.. I know someone that emailed Jonathan Sanders directly regarding the last line of his statement.


    “And finally …

    If you are in need of support, please don’t suffer in silence as there are lots of people and organisations out there who are there to help – we are very happy to put you in touch.”

    This person recently quit the Jehovah’s Witness cult after three decades of involvement and reached out to Mr Sanders directly regarding being put in contact with this ‘help and support’. You will never guess what this support what that he offered to my friend? A link to the Youtube channel of ex witness apostates ‘Marc & Cora’.

    Wow.. we sure hope he knows a lot more about ‘investigating charities’ then his ridiculously shallow and careless comprehension on the weighty and long lasting effects a mind control religious cult can have on an individual and the kind support required to purge oneself of this deep and profound brain washing. If this is indeed the case this investigation will have all the depth and profundity of a dog peeing into the wind.

    • And what is wrong with sending them to Marc and Cora? They’re ex-JWs so they know the mindset of JWs who have left and have been incredibly supportive to many ex-JWs. You refer to them as “apostates.” Why do you use that word?

      • Not in any derogatory sense I assure you. I’m sure what was in mind was links or contacts to something a lot substantial and involving professional expertise. Not an amateur ex-JW entertainment Youtube channel. When exiting a cult I’m certain a lot more is needed than some light online ‘support’ and the occasional cuddle.

      • If you think Marc and Cora only have a “cuddle” and are just “entertainment” then you obviously don’t know them. They are very reassuring to ex-JWs and victims of this religion, offer access to other support groups, and can give those affected by this religion more compassion than most counselors; they also know when to recommend someone see a psychiatrist when necessary. But, that’s the problem with trying to see these so-called experts; did you read Bo Juel’s book? Too many counselors see religion as benign or even good, or will say “I know a JW and they seem so nice.” That can be even more demoralizing for a victim, but you’ll never hear it from Marc and Cora. I would hardly call referring someone to them as “shallow and careless.”

      • ENGLISH : I confirm that all former Jehovah’s Witnesses are not necessarily sources of good advices to face the exit of a sectarian movement. Some may even strengthen the doubters, that finally Jehovah’s Witnesses really hold the truth! Some former Jehovah’s Witnesses also cultivate permanently hatred. For their own sanity, it would have been better that they remain Witnesses !!! I am French, I do not know who is the best help in English, but I tell and repeat one thing: all the former Jehovah’s Witnesses are neither friends nor good supports. Choose the right ones !

        FRANCAIS : Je confirme que tous les anciens Témoins de Jéhovah ne sont pas forcément des sources de bons conseils pour affronter la sortie d’un mouvement sectaire. Certains peuvent même conforter ceux qui doutent, que finalement les Témoins de Jéhovah détiennent vraiment la vérité ! Certains anciens Témoins de Jéhovah cultivent aussi la haine en permanence. Pour leur propre santé mentale, il aurait mieux valu qu’ils restent Témoins !!! Je suis français, je ne sais pas qui est la meilleure aide en anglais, mais je dis et répète une chose: tous les anciens Témoins de Jéhovah ne sont ni des amis, ni des bons supports. Choisissez les bons !

    • Hi Frederic, Yes a few people have sent him the documents and one did mention that there was confusion about the right magazine. I’m sure Jonathan appreciates everyone’s help. Thank you!

      • WordPress has its limitations, definitely! I can actually edit comments and send them back to the person for approval before changes appear; how weird is that? No worries, typos are the least of our concerns when fighting the Watchtower, LOL! Thank you for your help, better than Jonathan have more than he needs than trying to go without documentation. Fingers crossed for a good outcome with this inquiry.

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