Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult?

Breaking News: Investigation Into Death of Jehovah’s Witness During Childbirth

On October 12, 2016, 26-year-old Eloise Dupuis entered a hospital in Levis, Quebec, Canada to give birth.

She never came home.

Dupuis began to hemorrhage while in labor and required a blood transfusion, which she allegedly refuse. She then died. According to the CBC, the child survived and is in good health. See this news story for more information.

Dupuis’ death, however, has now prompted an investigation by the coroner’s office, to see if medical mistakes were made and to note if she did indeed refuse a blood transfusion through an informed decision. The news article above states that Dupuis’ aunt and a group of her friends expressed concern that the family of Dupuis may have been the ones to pressure the medical staff into withholding blood, something forbidden among Jehovah’s Witnesses.

There are a few things to take away from this story; one is that the woman’s “friends” wanted the investigation done. Even if Dupuis was an active Witness herself, there might be some question about her firm belief in the religion’s teachings, if she had friends were not in the congregation. In turn, perhaps she did not agree with the decision to withhold a blood transfusion, if she were not a strong and devout member of the religion.

Another issue is that her family may very well have been the ones to demand that blood be withheld; with or without the woman’s consent, it shows the heartless cruelty of the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, that they would allow or even demand that someone die rather than accept a simple blood transfusion.

The stand against blood transfusions itself is also confounding; Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that blood symbolizes life so that it cannot be “misused” in a transfusion. However, why would you elevate the symbol of life over a life itself? It’s like letting your spouse die in a fire while saving his or her wedding ring. The ring is just a symbol; your spouse is a living person. Why honor one while allowing the other to die?

This belief about blood and transfusions is also questionable from a biblical point of view. You can visit this page at JWfacts and note how no bible or Jewish scholars agree with the Jehovah’s Witness interpretation on the issue, how the doctrine itself is riddled with conflict, and how it’s actually changed over the years, bringing into question any guidance from god on the issue.

All of that aside, the damage has been done. A woman is dead; she cannot hold that beautiful child she brought into this world, cannot be there while he or she grows up and cannot comfort that child when he or she cries for its mother. That child will also grow up not knowing the beautiful woman that brought him or her into this world. Did he or she have any say in the matter; did the family or anyone else even consider if that child would agree to allowing this to happen to his or her mother?

It would be hopeful to think that perhaps this tragic death and the subsequent investigation will be one of many factors that prompt Jehovah’s Witnesses to rethink their policy on blood transfusions, but it’s not likely. When your family is so horrifically and obscenely indoctrinated that they would allow or even insist that you die so they don’t “misuse” a symbol of your life, setting aside any natural feelings for a beautiful young woman and an innocent newborn, they aren’t likely to change.

When a governing body member of that religion stands in front of a crowd and talks about a “young fella” who also died because of refusing blood, and then eats up their applause (see this post), neither he nor anyone in the crowd is likely to change.

Jehovah’s Witnesses can brag to themselves that they’re not “misusing” the blood of strangers by transfusing it, but what excuse do they offer for the blood of their own family that they allow to be so callously spilled in exchange for their beliefs? Blood guilt is blood guilt, after all.


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  1. Aside from the fact that I believe JW’s have completely misconstrued the “abstain from blood” scripture, as another reader astutely noted, blood is blood. For the JW’s to decide one moment that all blood is out, and then in the same breath to say some of it is allowed is just absurd and illogical. There are so many components to blood, including white blood cells. If humans were scripturally commanded to stay away from blood, then that means mothers can’t breastfeed their babies, as white blood cells are transferred through the mother’s milk. I’m so grateful that I was awakened and now have so much appreciation for the God-given freedom of free will. It feels so good to be able to make my own decisions about everything.

    • Hi Mimi. I agree that it feels good to help people but I can personally attest after a 25-year association with the JW religion, that it is not helpful to be a part of it, nor do they truly help people. Allow me to give you just one example out of so many. My mother many years ago donated a monthly amount to World Vision, a Christian-based organization that was dedicated to assisting people (especially children) in Africa with much needed food, clothing, shelter and medicine. When the JW Elders found out, they informed my mother she had to stop, because in assisting a child receive food, clothing and medicine, they told my mother she was also assisting false religion in spreading false teachings to that child. So my mother, out of fear that she would be officially reprimanded i.e. disfellowshipped if she continued to contribute to World Vision, ended her monthly contribution, and it broke her heart…she felt sick about it. Later, years after I had left the Organization, I watched an interview of an Elder at one of the JW assemblies, whereby in answering a question he said “we don’t worry about a person’s need for physical food, we only worry about spiritual food.” Well, good luck to any JW trying to preach the “good news” to someone who is sick and hasn’t eaten in days. If JW’s were really followers of the scriptures then they would remember that even Christ took time to feed people.

  2. Where can i write too this lovely Child Parents please. I am 1 I care so deeply. I read about it & very sad that this sweet Young Lady went thrue a sadness. Please i must write her Family please.💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    • Mimi, Am I understanding you correctly that you want (apply) to be a Jehovah Witness? Well, I like to help people too, so I am begging you to think about your decision before doing it. Jehovah Witnesses are a false religion. They destroy people’s lives and hurt many people, too! They lie terribly which is breaking one of the God’s commandments. And how are you going to write to this child’s parents when the child’s mother is dead because of a lie (not being allowed to receive blood) the Jehovah Witnesses told her to believe! Because of this lie, that precious baby will never know her mother! And because the child’s father is a Jehovah’s Witness, the child will most definitely be subject to more abuse, heartache and lies!

  3. Jehovahs witnesses don’t mind taking blood fractions such as Hemoglobin which over 20 years ago were not allowed by the Governing Body & you would have been Disfellowshipped for but with ‘New Light’ by the ‘Uninspired’ Governing Body we can now have Hemoglobin ,but to get a Blood Fraction blood has to be donated by ‘Worldly People’ ?? Welcome to the Crazy flip flop policies of the Uninspired Governing Body!!

    • JW ‘s quit with the double standards. Blood fractions still come from blood regardless. I pity the members who have been brainwash with poison from the watch tower STUPID RULES. These stupid rules were made up by someone who was a con artist, womanizer and a drunker named Taze Rusell . His stupid croonies made sure to follow suit by adding more ridculous rules such as , if a person sneezes the jw’s are not allowed to say bless you, can not celebrate hoildays , cant join any sports , the jw’s are not allowed to salute the flag , and of course they rather kill their love ones when it comes to giving them life saving blood. The jehovah witness also have their bible which is not the ” Real Bible. They take verses out of context by adding and subtracting words that do not belong there and twisting the verses to fit their own so called thelogy.

  4. There is an article dated October 10 in Parent Herald magazine entitled “Does Parental Alienation Really Exist? by KJ Williams The APA (American Psychological Assc.) confirms it’s psychological child abuse. They probably couldn’t help with this particular article but after reading it, I wondered why they haven’t looked in to the JW’s organization. There is all kinds of alienation between family members going on there! Just thought I would mention this.

      • My dad, who still is a JW, had a unique experience years ago. He was upwards of 70 years old, when he fell off of the single story ranch home where I grew up. He hit his head on the bbq grill before hitting the ground. I was hoping this close call with death would perhaps loosen the scales off his eyes concerning the JW false doctrine but to no avail.

        Thank you for sharing this story on the subject of JWs refusing blood Alexandra.

  5. So Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in saving a beautiful life with blood. Isn’t that really a blood sacrifice? Seems they are no better than the “pagans” that they vilify!

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