Australian Royal Commission Inquiry 2015

Jehovah’s Witnesses Governing Body Member Shows Up for Russian Ban Hearing, But Not Australian Royal Commission Inquiry Followup on Child Sexual Abuse

Over the past few months, Russian courts have been weighing the option of outright banning the literature and proselytizing of Jehovah’s Witnesses in that entire country; to date,the religion has been banned in a few provinces because of what the government feels is “extremism.” (Please visit the Banning category of this site for updated information.)

When the Russian high court convened to consider this ban, in the audience was JW governing body member Mark Sanderson (seated).

Sanderson was so concerned with the outcome of this ban that he flew all the way from the religion’s headquarters in New York, USA, to sit and listen. This is hugely distressing, as it reveals quite a bit about the priorities of the religion. Less than one month ago, the Australian Royal Commission (ARC) Inquiry held a followup meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses; as you may already know, the ARC was put in place to investigate how child sexual abuse allegations are handled in various institutions, and during the first part of this Inquiry, in 2015, the Witnesses were found to be quite deficient, to say the least. (See this post regarding the initial 2015 Inquiry and this post regarding the 2017 followup.)

Barrister Stewart of the ARC noted, at the outset of the 2017 followup, that the ARC had requested a member of the governing body attend, to discuss matters related to their child sex abuse policy, and this request was denied:

Keep in mind, the ARC was not a criminal trial; there was no risk of someone going to jail at the end of it, and no fines or other such punishments to be levied, so there was no reason for the governing body to avoid it. The purpose of the ARC is to note how institutions can, and should, improve their policies and practices for protecting children, period.

During the first part of the ARC Inquiry, in August of 2015, governing body member Geoffrey Jackson gave lip service to their desire to make such improvements:

Keep in mind, Jackson was there because he had been subpoenaed to appear; he is an Australian citizen and had coincidentally been in Australia at the time, caring for his elderly father. He didn’t voluntarily show up or offer to appear, despite his supposed concern to find solutions to child sexual abuse, and despite his statement that he was “happy” to testify.

If Jackson was so “happy” to testify at the first Inquiry, why not testify for the followup, as was requested? This followup was to note how Jehovah’s Witnesses had implemented recommended changes when it comes to handling accusations of child sexual molestation. Why wasn’t anyone on the governing body “happy to testify” at that followup, ready to tell the ARC, and the world, of the improvements made and solutions found for this problem in their organization?

I openly admit that I have no insight as to why fellow governing body member Sanderson was at the court hearing for the potential Russian ban; if someone wants to make the argument that he was there to encourage the religion’s members to stay strong or to give moral support to anyone called on to testify, I’ll allow it. If a person wants to assert that the governing body is concerned with the welfare of the individual Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, I’ll allow that as well.

However, that doesn’t answer the question of why the governing body seems so unconcerned with the welfare of child sexual abuse victims in Australia. The governing body can show up for a potential ban in Russia because it might cause suffering and distress to Jehovah’s Witnesses, but can’t show up for a simple Inquiry that is trying to alleviate the suffering and distress of children in their religion worldwide?

At one point during his testimony at the first part of the ARC Inquiry, Jackson said the following to an attorney representing one of the abuse victims who had come forward:

The governing body had a chance to personally express their “love and concern” for the victims of child sex abuse within the religion during the ARC followup, but failed. They didn’t send a statement to be read, didn’t make a video statement about it, nothing. They have yet to acknowledge the problem within the religion on their online TV channel, in their literature, in public discourses, or elsewhere. They couldn’t even be bothered to answer questions in person about improvements to their procedures. When it was time to show up and offer that concern for victims in person, the governing body showed their true colors and where those concerns truly lie.

This negates, in my mind, any argument that the presence of Sanderson was to comfort and encourage the individual members of the religion who might suffer under this proposed ban. I’m inclined to think his concern, and the concern of the governing body, is with their money, power, and growth. If not, why show up for one hearing and to comfort and support one group of members, and not the other?

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  1. Well, there wasn’t any millions in property seizure on the line in Australia. Just children making sex abuse accusations. Property is more important than children to a group of old childless men. What’s to be said of GB members encouraging 7yr olds to get baptized and peddle brochures for long hours? These are not men that care one bit for children.

  2. We need to get together and stand beside the ones on the street corners to expose them. I am hoping for people to help spread the Truth about ”tis cult in a mannerly yet informative way. I live in Hamilton Ontario. Let’s get a group together.

  3. Casterate every jehovah male member of this evil cult. It seems that the cults reputation and money are more important then to protect a child from sexual abuse. That is why criminals like molesters and rapers like to hide within this cult to continue to hurt innocent lives. JW’s are not to be trusted wether female or male.

  4. Very very sad & heartbreaking for the child victims of abuse within the Watchtower organisation. It seems more importance is put protecting buildings &money in Russia . Geoffrey Jackson admitted not even listening or reading the child abuse victims statements at the Australian Royal Commission. Devastating!!

  5. Thank you for shining light on the situation, Ms. James. I can imagine the contention in your position. I wonder… if we had enough media attention, could this evil entity be brought down? People are forgetting the rights of innocent children under the rule of this devastatingly debilitating cult!! They are worried that perhaps JWs will no longer have the right to effectively destroy people? I still suffer from the torment within ‘The Organization’…. ‘The Society’… They get away with referring to themselves in the same manner as crime syndicates, yet nothing. Stories all over the net about it all and nothing. Satan’s Little Helpers….. Perhaps you could collaborate with Ira Rifkin. He seems to be in the dark about the actualities. Again, thank you..

  6. I am wondering if perhaps,their lowering of importance for attending the re-examination of the Australian Child Sex Assault cases,as opposed to appearing in Russia over the ban;has more to do with,the first involving children(past and present)(children being viewed as lesser beings not worthy of concern apart from where Cult Adherence and Indoctrination is involved)vs. Adults?
    And also,The first situation sheds a Very Bright Bad Light on the Actual Inner Workings of JW.ORG;which they would not want exposed.(Saving Face)
    vs. The Second,which makes them appear(so they hope,anyway)wounded and persecuted(hello! Cults thrive on possessing a Persecution complex!)to the World,and unjustly criticised.
    Woah be to Any Female or Child,within that Organization,if you are expecting any amount of Justice or Sympathy,from JW.ORG!

  7. My family and I praying fervently and through the BLOOD OF JESUS, Jehovah’s Witnesses will surely be held accountable for destroying my family and me.We are perishing in Toronto Canada for refusing this Organization, who are taking advantage of the trust bestowed upon them by criminalizing and jailing people who refused their faith. Through their pathological professional lies and deceitfulness.

    • I agree. I live in Hamilton and would love to get a group of us together to expose them in our cities.

  8. No apologies. Not one. No admissions. No problem, apparently. No concern for how this makes victims and survivors feel. Just deflection, denial and disregard for thousands of its children under its ‘shepherding’ programme.

    I can only surmise that the GB have been advised legally that any public acknowledgment by the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation of there being a problem with the safeguarding of its children due to the systemic mismanagement of accusations of sexual crimes against its children by its members would open the floodgates to civil court cases. Money matters more. That’s the bottom line.

    Thank you for a very good appraisal of the situation.

  9. WT Australia informed that there would not be a member of the GB appear before the commission..etc
    Was this the reply of the GB in NY funneled through Sydney or was this just the Branch office in Sydney saying this?

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