Reveal News Hosts a Conference About JWs and Child Sex Abuse; the World is Finally Noticing!

On April 26, 2017, in London, Reveal News hosted a conference regarding the problem of Jehovah’s Witnesses and child sex abuse. The conference was attended by a host of lawyers, journalists, and even law enforcement officials, as well as movie producers, activists, and victims of the policies of Jehovah’s Witnesses and child sex abuse.

Much information will be released over the next few days, but here are the photos that were sent to me as a teaser:

Joaquín Alvarado, CEO, The Center for Investigative Reporting, aka Reveal News, standing; reporter Trey Bundy, who has been instrumental in revealing (no pun intended) so many stories of abuse within the walls of the Watchtower, seated. The purpose of the conference was to shed light on the issues of child sexual abuse within the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular.


Attorney Irwin Zalkin (U.S.), who has filed numerous cases against the Watchtower Corporation for their covering up and mishandling of child sexual abuse. Much respect to Mr. Zalkin and his entire firm for their hard work!


Trey Bundy of Reveal News introduces and interviews exJWs and abuse survivors Deborah McDaniel, Candace Conti, and Nick French.


A full panel of attorneys, discussing the problem of child sex abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses. From left: Kathleen Hallisey (UK), James Counsell (UK), Lisa Flynn (Australia), and Irwin Zalkin (US); Joaquín Alvarado and Trey Bundy (standing) of Reveal News. Lisa is talking about the Australian Royal Commission statistics, Watchtower attitudes, and the opportunity for concealment charges.


Richard Fewkes, National Coordinator, Operation Hydrant (UK law enforcement). So amazing to see law enforcement taking an interest in how these cases are not handled properly in the religion and making themselves available to victims.


Laura Hoyano, Barrister, Associate Law Professor at the University of Oxford and Senior Research Fellow at Wadham College, Oxford. Her presentation focused on shunning and the violation of human rights. This is a landmark study and information that is very vital for activists against this religion!


Dr. Geoffrey Shannon, Special Rapporteur on Child Protection, Ireland. He is delivering what I’m told is an impassioned plea to listen to children. Is the Watchtower listening to his plea?


Dr Guillem Sanchez, Journalist, El Periodico. He is noting how Spain needs more survivors to come forward to the media; ironically, I was just talking with my friend and activist partner Bo Juel about a case of child sex abuse in the religion involving a man from Norway who also faced charges of abuse in Spain. Read one report of that story here.


Pasquale Turbide, Senior Investigative Journalist, Radio-Canada. Absolutely amazing to see reporters there from all over the world, including ones from the BBC and elsewhere.


Many thanks to exJW activist Lara Kaput (left) who was present at the conference and sending me pics and updates. On the right is Kathleen Hallisey, an attorney from the UK very dedicated to bringing forward liability cases against the Watchtower. Activists Marc and Cora Latham were also present, as was Alex Uden from the UK Charity Commission, who are continuously moving forward with their own inquiry against the Watchtower (see this column for more info). Also on hand were the producers of the Oscar-winning movie “Spotlight.”

I’ll be adding more columns as information comes in, and links to videos once they are posted. In the meantime, visit the website for Reveal News here, and be sure to *share share share* their news stories about Jehovah’s Witnesses, as news agencies usually pursue stories that get the most reader interest. Many thanks to Reveal for this conference and for bringing together all these journalists, lawyers, and others, and especially to the victims who continue to make their voices heard and speak up against Watchtower abuses.

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      • Yes, it would be good, wouldn’t it?

        Unfortunately, money talks, and the WBTS has a huge amount of money that they’ve conned out of every single witness over the years! 😦

        I still don’t understand how they can keep selling off Kingdom Halls, and pocketing the money, either – especially when it’s the ordinary JW’s in every Hall who has paid for them?

        Even though the WBTS loaned each Hall the money to build in the first place, it was our own money, our contributions, that were loaned back to us, and then we did most of the work in building the Halls, then paid the loan payments back every month – I still remember hearing the financial announcements at the service meetings, where the repayments were mentioned, with what was paid back, and how much!

        There has got to be a huge amount of fraud in that side of things alone!

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  2. I was there and felt so proud at been invited to a world wide event. I counted at least 8 countrys that represented themselves well.
    There was about 100 people there as jonn said including the BBC and the film makers of
    The film spotlight. We were well looked after by the ACE HOTEL IN LONDON putting on a delicious dinner.

  3. Still buzzing the day after attending. The warmth and affection at this conference matched any assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Hardened reporters and lawyers cuddling and embracing the ex JW elders, victims and fellow speakers. BBC producer face dropped when hearing what goes on…and following up with further visits to victims for TV news. One lawyer reported he normally finds law conferences tiring and boring. …not this one. When Mr Zalkin talked about his cases it was a thrill but guess what…in his next cade they have decided to sue each Governing Body member and th as a group…so no getting out of it. That caused a stir and slight cheer I can tell you. Thanks go to all for the invite and work to make this the JW ACTIVIST dream….but not from ex JWS.

    • Wow John what amazing news! Suing the governing body! Those slimy worms cannot hide for long, no way should they get out of accountability. I would love to hear more from you about the event, if you want to chat, go up to the About page and use the contact form, it goes right to my email. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. This is really news worthy. I am so happy for the children and adults (due to death) who have no voice. Watchtower has gotten away with their lies for too long.

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