News Update: More Information On the $66 Million Lawsuit Against JWs in Canada, and How to Join the Suit

On Tuesday, September 26, a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of child sex abuse victims in the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada, seeking some $66 million CAD in damages. Note my quick write-up of the suit at this post.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a class action suit refers to a lawsuit that is filed on behalf of many persons, not just one individual. The settlement or judgment from that lawsuit would then be shared among all those plaintiffs.

This particular lawsuit against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada is unique, in that it will include all those in Canada who were sexually abused as children in the religion, and not just residents of one particular Canadian province. This suit includes plaintiffs who were sexually abused by elders in the congregation in particular, and those who were sexually abused by other adult members of the religion.


While the suit is still in its infancy, and has just been served to Watchtower this past week, those who feel that they may qualify to be part of the lawsuit can visit the website for the attorneys, and fill out their questionnaire at this page.

I will continue to update this site as much as possible, but please direct any and all legal questions to the attorneys listed on that page. In the meantime, please visit this news story.

Many thanks to those who have worked so hard on bringing this suit forward, and fingers crossed it brings some measure of justice for all the victims of the Watchtower Society.


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  1. Is changing the rules when someone gets abused supposed to console people? I think not! How about them having to change the title of who they say they are. They deceive people terribly and who they are and what they do is not of God. But they pull people into this organization by using God. That is scamming people and as far as I know, is against the law! They need to be exposed by the law for who they really are.

  2. But the Shepherd Book says that if one of the parnters of sexual relationship admit, the case can be established. How come when matter bringing the organisation responsibilities, two witnesses rule prevails? How strange that is. Double standards.

    • They never bothered to contact the police in my case, even though my father had confessed that he was guilty of the crime. They told me to keep quiet or else I would be disfellowshipped. I eventually did go to the police. I got disfellowshipped for appearing on Panorama Suffer the little children, anonymously I might add and exposing the bad policy. Lovely bunch the JW’s are. xx

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