Waking Up Jehovah’s Witnesses With Proactive Activism in Poland

Former Jehovah’s Witnesses in the country of Poland have banded together and organized for some very eye-catching, very effective proactive activism against the religion. They’ve made a brief video, with English subtitles, to document their work; it’s only a few minutes long and absolutely one of the most uplifting things that former Jehovah’s Witnesses will see:

Note a few reasons why their proactive form of activism has been so successful, and some things to consider for other exJWs around the world:

Organization. There is nothing to say that an individual cannot or should not stage a protest on their own, but being organized with other people can mean moral support, especially if Jehovah’s Witnesses get aggressive in response.

The group was also aware of the meeting times so that they would reach the most people coming in and out of the Kingdom Halls and assembly halls, even moving back one demonstration when the JWs rescheduled their meeting.

Pre-planning. As with organizing the “who” and “when” of their demonstrations, these activists did not just show up and start yelling random thoughts, but they planned their words ahead of time. At an assembly hall, they even mentioned the 1975 doctrine that was just covered the day before their demonstrations!

Props and handouts. Having props, signs, banners, handouts, and other pieces is vitally important for any effective activism, as you can’t always expect Jehovah’s Witnesses to be the ones looking for information on the internet. A few well-chosen words on a sign can stick with someone; even a line or two that they see while hurriedly walking by can easily get the attention of JWs and raise doubts.

Internet and YouTube addresses will also stay in their mind, and they can quickly find these when they’re ready to start doing their own research. Handouts and car signs are also good for warning passersby as to the real nature of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (I have handouts and flyers that are meant for such demonstrations on this page.)

Equipment. Beyond their props and handouts, the group came prepared with a battery-powered PA system that was easy to transport, and which helped save their vocal cords, I’m sure! I was given the link for the system they used, here, and was told that their only concern was that it was so powerful that they needed to ensure they spoke at a normal tone, otherwise they would appear to be shouting. This type of system is vitally important for demonstrations at larger facilities like assembly halls.

Legalities. One of the organizers told me that they ensured they had permits when required, and stayed off private property, standing only on public sidewalks. You can also see that they did not block foot traffic or vehicle traffic, avoiding making themselves a nuisance to the public, and also avoiding the risk of citations for trespassing.

If anyone would like to know more about how to make these types of demonstrations and protests a success, I’ve started a public Facebook group for those who want to share ideas and tips, and coordinate efforts, here. I’m also going to stay updated with these demonstrations in Poland and around the world as much as possible, so stay tuned, and consider getting involved. If exJWs follow the lead of these activists, I’m sure we can keep making noise against the Watchtower and be successful in finally seeing it crumble!

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  1. We only can hope that those who leave the organisation shall not leave their faith and shall keep to the Only One God. Hopefully they shall search for other non-trinitarian churches in their neighbourhood and join them instead of abandoning the Faith in Jehovah God.

  2. I am from south eastern Poland, from a small town, and faded together with my wife and two minor sons some three years ago. Due to some family issues still not officially went out of this organization. This religion is shrinking totally in Poland, people are wakening up. In the congragations there is a huge generation gap – you can see older brothers and children.The problem is so big that they are “importimg” activist JW from different parts of the country. Mainly young people after secondary school and pioneers.
    It goes like a snawball….

  3. A Circuit Overseer from our local JW Branch once said that the JW Branch representatives would not make mistakes. Where is his conscience? But I can see in the video you are different, thank you for those brave brothers and sisters, disclosing the truth. We should learn the truth. We are taught by Jehovah to learn the truth and speak the truth, not only excuses.

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