Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult?

Leaked Elders’ Training Videos for 2018: Congregants Are Only As Important As The Hours They Spend Recruiting

Recently some secret “elders’ training videos” that are going to be used for the 2018 Ministerial Training School of Jehovah’s Witnesses were leaked online. One particular video was very disturbing; it showed a skit of three elders discussing what the religion calls “regular pioneers.” These are persons who spend a high amount of time in the preaching and proselytizing work of Jehovah’s Witnesses; in 2018, these pioneers were required to report a total of 840 hours for the year, equaling 70 hours per month.

For those not familiar with Jehovah’s Witnesses and their public proselytizing, note that no rank-and-file member of the religion is paid to do this preaching work. Congregants use their own vehicles and their own money for gas and other such expenses.

The elders, in this demonstration, are discerning if three such pioneers in their congregation should be allowed to remain as pioneers, as each one has failed to meet that hourly requirement for the past year.

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You’re a Pioneer, and Apparently Nothing Else

The first two pioneers who are being evaluated are both in poor physical health and unable to keep up with the demanded hours. The first, Sarah, is in her mid 30s and has pioneered for 8 years, and recently had to undergo surgery that would require three months to recuperate. Sarah still doesn’t have much energy, even though it’s now some ten months after her surgery.


As the elders go through the motions of trying to determine if both Sarah and another woman may remain as pioneers, they do mention that these women are both “exemplary, wonderful servants of Jehovah.” After this short compliment, however, the elders then delve into the details of Sarah’s condition, picking apart the fact that she’s still lacking energy after those ten months.

I’m no doctor, but not having energy some ten months after surgery seems serious, especially for a woman in her mid 30s. Sarah’s own expressions in the video show that she’s concerned over her condition, as she stares forlornly in the mirror after coming home, and before taking medication.

What I also noticed is that Sarah is shown speaking to the doctor about her condition, before her surgery, alone. She is also shown arriving at her home with no one to greet her, and there is no mention of a husband, family, or anyone else in her everyday life.

Despite what I assume is a very frightening, difficult, and overwhelming situation that this woman has perhaps had to face by herself, the elders note her struggles, not as they pertain to her health, but in trying to keep up with other congregants during the preaching work. “She’s barely averaged 50 hours for the last half of the service year,” one complains. Another elder immediately chimes in about “doing the math,” and that Sarah would only have about 600 hours at the end of the year.

“Doing the math”? Seriously? A woman has had major surgery and is struggling to recover, even at her young age, and their big concern is the math, meaning her average hours of proselytizing?

The callused disregard of these men is beyond appalling. One elder notes adamantly that she was “given three months recuperation, without having to worry about her time,” as if she is somehow failing them for not recovering from major surgery quickly enough! They also talk as if they were doing her a tremendous favor, in allowing her to keep this title of “pioneer” while she was performing all this costly, exhausting, unpaid volunteer work for the religion, before and after a difficult surgery. One even says that they need to help the pioneers see the “importance of meeting the annual hour requirement, as they agreed to when they signed the application.”

This begs the question, Why should anyone be so worried about this requirement? There is no payment, no annual bonus for anyone based on those hours. How does failing to meet these hours cost the elders or the religion anything? Do they lose a big contract with a major customer or manufacturer, or not have a government grant renewed? All of this talk in this elders’ meeting just smacks of a business review, an employee who needs to be demoted because she’s not producing as she once was and is now just dead weight, a drain on their payroll.

As I bring out in this post, there is also no scriptural precedent for recording the hours you spend proselytizing in the first place, much less should elders be critiquing and judging a person over those hours, or splitting the congregation into different ranks and groups based on these figures. I can’t imagine Jesus ever using a calculator to determine the standing of any of his followers, and he certainly never brought up any type of signed application, yet this is exactly what these elders are instructed to note in this video.

This is how you’re evaluated and judged by elders in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses … paperwork and calculators.

These elders also say nothing about what assistance Sarah might need in her everyday life, to get her rest and recuperate fully from her surgery, or to just recover her health as best she can. Some might argue that Sarah was perhaps getting help from friends or family, but there is nothing said in this elders’ meeting about having communicated with Sarah’s support network, to see what assistance they would need in taking care of her; nothing is said about supporting or assisting her at all!

The entire purpose of bringing up her name was to determine if they would “allow” her to continue to pioneer; despite the occasional comment about feeling sorry for her, the tone of the meeting was that Sarah was disappointing them because she had promised she would recuperate within three months, and didn’t deliver the goods.

If anyone ever has any question about their standing in the religion, and how this religion’s leaders feel about its members, this video should easily provide an answer. Your entire worth is based on how many hours you spend proselytizing and recruiting, and not on you as a person.

Even if you go through a major surgery for which you’re not fully recovered some ten months later, you’ve done nothing but disappoint the elders because you’re not churning out the hours in the preaching work. You’re a cog in the machine that needs to perform properly at all times, or you’ll be shelved for being such a huge disappointment to everyone.

This video alone is proof positive that this religion knows nothing about love; it’s not even a religion, but a business, for which you always need to perform, or risk being demoted back to the rank of average, everyday, pointless and useless … Christian.

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  1. :)) acting like actors…in artificial atmosphere. Man in yellow tie is double face, with mimics that reveals his not so good character… perhaps because he is before camera, so he looks more theatrics then in real life, who knows :))))
    Moses….holding hands up and two guys supporting his hands, haha… what this have with cutting this sister off the service? Why this three guys not give theirs field service hours to her, missing hours she need to have for bureaucracy paragraphs? That also can be solution. She stay officially as pioneer, going out as she can because of sickness and “supporting her hands is in that what other people would give own hours in measure that is needed to fulfill her hours. :)))))))) Moses supporters friends was physically with him and not sitting in office looking in WT paragraphs book/letter.

  2. The scripture that they used to based their decision of deleting that poor sister as a regular pioneer was TOTALLY taken out of context. Jehovah gave Moses the support he needed TO FULFILL his commission to hold the rod over his head. Not once was the rod taken out of his hand. Moses’ efforts to hold the rod over his head had God’s approval & blessing. Moses got the support he needed to continue on v.s. these guys who are treating her like a Baseball umpire who just says ‘strike 1-2-3 and your out of there.” Okay, even if she couldn’t regular pioneer, did they at the very least encourage her to auxiliary pioneer? Not even that. Who in the world do they think they are–to make the determination that being a Pioneer is a burden to her!!! It probably never even occurred to them that from an emotional, mental and psychological standpoint, it may be helping her to get her mind off of her own difficulties and helping her to deal with the stress that she’s going through–didn’t Jesus say that his FOOD was to do the will of the one that sent him? And then you want to take that food away from her?!? And then they showed a clear preference for the Elder who was busy in KH construction, etc.?!? I thought Jesus said that God wants MERCY and NOT sacrifice? Apparently they have that flipped-flopped around too. This video is a clear demonstration that shows just how alienated from reality these guys at the World Headquarter really are….it’s just so, so sad and pathetic. If this video is a demonstration of what they profess to be ‘the wisdom from above’ then I’m going to bathroom right now and vomit.

  3. they are so charitable with kind words .until you are caught in the con-cept , then they are throat punching there own sales people, joining them, is a slow death of your mind, your health ,and your human spirit ,the watchtower is a 501 C3 exempt corporation enslaved to the UN and government’s around the world, Trumps executive order on human rights may change this ,as the I R S are blind to this organization that does not do any charitable works for the people ,no hospitals ,no soup kitchens ,no schools , they are so so desperate I pray for the people in this cult as well as for the sheep in many other cults, watchtower ,please sell all your kingdumb halls ,leave town ,and shut up, your business model is failing give it up ,have a good day you religious corporate elite vomit of lies I wasted 30 years with this organization ,so were is my minimum wage for selling your lies door to door, you do nothing but coerce people into fear and misery ,shame on you scumbags for treating your children with fear and death ,because of your evil policy’s, the U N with there charter of human rights will get you in the end ,the same beast that you were part of for ten years ,there I feel much better now ,knowing your on your way down by your own words.

  4. This was one of those “Phewee” moments. and this was a ‘training video’..?

    I rue the day I ever set foot in a kh and I am ever grateful none of my offspring want anything to do with it and they don’t know what I know ie information such as this.
    This wt organisation is as you say a business and it is a despicable one run on the worst most abominable absence of any ethics at all. As America is suffering earthquakes in its society the wt instead of being a bastion of kindness, calmness and support for people is reacting to the social tremors by creating its own; by going down the path of “the floggings will continue until morale improves.”

  5. No compassion w/ this org. Instead of being supportive of the pioneer, they drag her down. Why aren’t they over talking to her to see what is going on. Hell no, they sit in a room and do really retarded conversations and condemn her.

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