Answering Watchtower’s Accusation That I Present Things Out of Context

In the March 2018 broadcast of the online TV channel of Jehovah’s Witnesses, governing body member Gerrit Losch took a stab at recent criticisms made on social media about the religion, wanting to dispel those criticisms as “rumor.” Losch made specific mention of quotes taken from lawyers involved in court cases of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and posed the question of how quotes can be “rumors.” He said that quotes taken out of context could be misrepresented, and then considered as rumor. You can view the entire video at this site, and his remarks about these supposed “rumors” start at about the 14:00 mark.

I’m not arrogant enough to assume that the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is talking about me directly, but I did recently write up a post about an outright lie the religion’s own attorney made during a court case in Canada. This case was filed by a disfellowshipped (excommunicated) Witness, and, during his arguments, the attorney for the JWs said that when a person is shunned by Jehovah’s Witnesses, “normal family relations continue, with the exception of spiritual fellowship.”

Anyone familiar with the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses knows that this is absolutely untrue, and you can read that post above for more information on that subject. Getting back to this assertion made by Losch, however, where he claimed that statements made on social media are “out of context” and therefore only rumor; that’s a bold-faced lie on his part, as the post I wrote above included a clip of the entire presentation by the lawyer. This was done purposely so that readers could hear his statement in context, and I even introduced the clip with the sentence, “Listen to that statement here, in its context.”

Presenting things properly to my audience, ensuring that you can always see things in context, is very important to me; the above blog post is not the only time I’ve ensured you, the reader of this site or listener of my videos, have had a fair chance to see and hear things as they’ve been presented:


These are just a few clips I managed to pull in a short time that specifically used the phrase “in context” (and the only ones I could find where my hair wasn’t completely wonky and weird).

Accusing detractors of the Watchtower of taking things out of context when so many activists and advocates actually take great pains to present quotes, reference materials, and websites as accurately as possible, and with its surrounding context intact, is inexcusably deceitful of Losch. It’s also another demonstration of the horrific priorities of Jehovah’s Witnesses; rather than giving an honest answer to the accusations of their lawyer lying in court, they simply dismiss those criticisms as untrustworthy rumor, propaganda, “fake news,” or “apostate lies.” They care little about the damage their policies do to individuals and family, much less do they care about the lying insults they hurl at we advocates, and only care about preserving their image, no matter the cost.

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  1. Wow. When “a person is shunned by Jehovah’s Witnesses, ‘normal family relations continue, with the exception of spiritual fellowship.’” ?? What a bald face lie. I wonder how he could say that with a straight face? Hah! My family (and JW friends) completely cut me off per JW policy, doctrine and instruction from the elders … it’s been close to 40 years now.

  2. Alexandra,
    I enjoy reading your posts. It has taken years to wrap my mind around the shunning process, so to hear that JW’s say that family ties remain in certain levels, is not only untrue, but repulsive in the lie that it is. It’s not easy, but this is exactly how the Word said it would be. II Timothy chapter 3 speaks of what is happening right now in the world. Verse 13, though, pertains to the JW’S especially here because they were built on a lie. Any gospel other than what Christ brought us is false, just as Paul told the Galatians. Be well.

  3. Since I have been disfellowshipped for 30 years, I believe I am qualified to address its effect on family relationships. My sister was d-f’d around the same time. My parents remained active JW’s and we lost ALL interactions with them. We were no longer welcome in their home for dinner or any other social occasion and they stopped talking to us by telephone. We could always tell when the JW’s “understanding” of things would change, because Mom became friendlier or colder, depending on the new “light.” How absurd! One thing though, I would never allow JW’s to totally take away my parents. About once a month I would call them and ask how they were, did they need anything, etc. They weren’t usually overly-friendly, but they never refused to talk to me when I would call. Mom could be especially cold, but I just acted as if I didn’t notice and went right on talking. My sister and I have always made ourselves available to help our parents, be it yard work, money, health care, whatever. When my dad was in the nursing home with dementia, we were there every week to visit. (He couldn’t tell us not to come, and Mom didn’t tell us either.) We helped Mom through Dad’s passing and her moving out of the family home. Recently Mom became very ill, requiring hospitalization and then nursing home admission. The JW’s were happy to step aside and allow my sister and I to take responsibility for medical decisions, fight with the doctors, oversee Mom’s care, etc. They certainly didn’t want the responsibility! Mom is a resident of the nursing home now and I will not allow JW’s to treat me like a second class citizen. It seems they have agreed that as the daughter, I am appropriately interceding on Mom’s behalf and shouldn’t be kicked to the curb! In closing, I just want to say that one must be very strong to endure the shunning of JW’s. There is NOTHING that would ever make me return!

    • Diane, thank you for your comment. Your words echo through my mind, as well as many others who have endured this type of behavior. I’ve definitely felt the waxing and waning of my jw parents’ understanding of what they believe in, especially my mom. Your persistence is heartwarming and encouraging, because currently I’m choosing not to call them. Perhaps I don’t like reopening an old wound. Peace to you in abundance.

    • I’m impressed at your fortitude and strength. I tried for a while – a very short while – but being insulted wasn’t something I wanted to subject myself to, especially in front of my young daughter. So I stopped and never heard from them again.

  4. The Governing Body have made it their business of telling lies and saying that it is ok for them to do so. The way they do this is to say that it is Spiritual Warfare. They will misuse scriptures to ‘back up’ their false claim by saying that early Christians did the same. What they won’t say is that Spiritual Warfare should only be used to work with God’s will. that is, it should be used for doing good in God’s eyes. Spiritual Warfare / telling lies should not be used to hide disgusting behavior or any other thing that is totally against God’s will. It is quite obvious that the Governing Body are getting frightened. Not frightened of God, but frightened of losing their position. They say they are the ‘Faithful and Discreet slave’ of God. They say they are the only ones that Jesus Christ communicates with through holy spirit. By saying these things they fool millions of people into not questioning their behavior. Oh dear, what a judgement they have coming to them

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