My name is not Alexandra James, not even close. I honestly don’t even know how I came up with that name; it has nothing to do with anything or anyone I’ve ever known.

Like many former Jehovah’s Witnesses, I hid my identity for a long time because of the threat of being shunned by my family; if they knew how vocal I was against the religion online, they would probably be forced by their religion to no longer speak to me. Considering the fact that my sister doesn’t speak to my anyway and I’ve never had a real conversation with my mother a day in my life, I’m quite sure that this little game won’t last much longer, but this is where things stand now.

My mother started studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 5 and was baptized when I was 6. My stepfather never became a JW, but tolerated our lack of holidays and incessant meeting attendance.

My stepfather soon learned that he could easily take his anger out on my mother and I, since the elders were quick to always lecture and even yell and scream at the women in such situations, blaming them for “not being submissive enough.” One woman in my childhood congregation was even publicly reproved in front of the entire congregation for putting her new husband out of her home, after he hit her so hard she needed a hospital visit and who then threatened her daughters. Yes, she was the one counseled. Typical.

As an adult, I found it easy to simply fade from the religion and from the view of the elders and even my own family. I would just stop going to meetings and out in their preaching work for weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years. Don’t believe JWs when they say that they reach out to help such “inactive” ones, as this never happened with me. I was invisible, and they didn’t care.

I went back two or three times, but each time I returned, I could so easily see the hypocrisy, failed predictions, abuses, and so many other disturbing aspects of the religion. It took some time, but eventually I was able to break away from the religion, mentally and emotionally.

Now that I am completely free from the religion’s stranglehold, I write this blog in the hopes of waking up others to its danger. I chose the URL “JWvictims” because that’s what I wanted to concentrate on; the victimization that happens in this religion.

The Facebook page on the right is limited to info about this site, Jehovah’s Witnesses and similarly hurtful religions and cults, as well as info on rape, abuse, and so on.

Thank you for sharing these blogs and posts; that’s one of the best ways to get the word out there about the horrific damage done by this religion.

Due to the high volume of contacts, I am only able to respond to press inquiries and other such professionals. Thank you for your understanding.



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  1. I’m 62 and I live in sheltered accommodation with 37 flats in total. I’ve been here approx. 2 years and just before I moved in a JW who’s 72 moved in and he’s just across the corridor from my flat. At first we got on well but as time passed I began to realise that this man is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever come across. We have communal facilities, such as a kitchen and a lounge, a shower room, laundry room, toilets etc. He uses the communal facilities in preference to his own facilities in his flat. He has no cooker or microwave or fridge freezer. He uses the ones in the communal kitchen. To say he’s frugal when it comes to money is an understatement. By using the communal facilities he saves on power bills and water bills etc.

    He can nearly always be found either in the lounge or kitchen at most times of day and night. He has a wife who is also a JW and she lives in a separate flat across the road. He also has family in the village, all only a few streets away. He has a son and 2 daughters who all live within a stones throw of each other and each have 2 children. That makes 5 adults and 6 children including the JW and his wife. Why I’m telling you this will become clearer soon. The laundry room with 2 washers and 2 driers is for the sole use of the residents washing only. The JW does the laundry for all his family here at the sheltered housing scheme which makes it very difficult for the rest of the residents to find a time when the washers and driers are free to do their washing as there are time constraints as to when the laundry room can be used.Such is his stealth in this laundering that nobody has yet caught him redhanded but everyone knows what he’s up to. Myself and another resident have confronted him after seeing him loading several bags of washing in his car but he denied any wrong doing.

    I’ve since done some research on JW’s and find it abhorrent that they basically see anyone outside of the truth as lower beings to themselves and basically they can lie and cheat and swindle whenever they’re in the world outside of the truth. Because, I’ve questioned him on quite a few occasions he’s recently been spreading rumours about me. When confronting him about this recently his exact words were…… ” You shouldn’t be here……. You should be working paying taxes…… I’ve paid taxes for 44 years and I’m still paying taxes on my pension “. I moved into sheltered accommodation as I have lung problems and Rheumatoid Arthritis and I take an income from monies I have invested and I take no state benefits whatsoever. I told the JW that he has no right to speak to me in such a way. His rely was………. ” I only have to mention you to my son and he will come round here and break both of your legs and he wouldn’t mind going to prison for it. ” This is coming from a so called ‘ Godly Man ‘….. I by the way am an Atheist.

    I could go on to detail many cases of him scamming elderly people here out of their money and he does it by ingratiating himself with many in here by running small errands for which he charges extortionate amounts of money but non less many in here cannot see him for what he really is. Anyway, I shan’t go on to detail these and many other things that would show him for the person he really is but I hope I’ve given some idea by the examples I’ve used above.

    Just to conclude. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a hypocritical person in all my life so far. I hope my examples will maybe act for others to scrutinise the JW flock as it were more closely but also I hope it reminds people that it’s the organisation that these people belong to that is ultimately at fault and not necessarily the individuals. I just wish there was a way that could be found to get the JW flock to look into the pernicious organisation that rules their lives.

    I guess my point to all this is that it’s not just the JW’s who are effected by the Watchtower Organisation but us worldly people have to endure much of the same when it comes to close proximity to a radical JW !

  2. If you want more testimonies by people destroyed by being born into this faith, I have plenty. I’ve been shunned by family because my father was abusive and disfellowshipped. When I was promised a home with extended family, that was taken away by legal advice and the congregation. This led to far more harm than “god” could ever wish for on a child. You want stories, well I have them, you are welcome to contact me if you want another loud voice speaking up.

  3. No human should have to tell us what to do when it comes to our own wishes, desires and tendencies. We have a free mind to think, feel and believe what we conclude is right. God is the only one who will judge us. Since we are all only human, some may do wrong, according to society and will have to answer to God. When we have Jesus in our hearts, we will know what to do, what not to do and we don’t need any religious organization to tell us otherwise. Be Blessed!

    • Shunning isn’t love. Turning children into outcasts isn’t love. Suppressing curiosity and learning isn’t love. Condemning the rest of the world for not sharing your beliefs isn’t love. Thought control isn’t love.

  4. Message for the Watchtower

    Now I’m listening to ungodly music
    what is prohibited by your organization.
    I love to listen to American pop music.
    I’m no longer afraid to be destroyed
    by your God.
    And I love to be no longer brainwashed.

    I am very sick of you!
    I am very sick of you!
    I am very sick of you!

    To drink more than a few beers is
    prohibited by your organization.
    To view sex and violence on tv
    is also prohibited by your organization.
    Premarital sex is prohibited
    by your organization too.

    I am very sick of you!
    I am very sick of you!
    I am very sick of you!

    Your organization recommends
    its sympathizers to her magazines and books
    to study every day.
    And to visit at least three meetings a week.
    And then a suit or a dress to wear.
    All based on the bible.

    I am very sick of you!
    I am very sick of you!
    I am very sick of you!

    I go to Amsterdam to visit the whores.
    And I drink then a lot of beer.
    I’m no longer afraid to be destroyed
    by your God.
    I hope that all your sympathizers are apostates.
    Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye!!!

    Jack Terrible

    • Jack- this organization rules by fear. An organization ruled by men who wear expensive suits and Rolex watches (as so I have heard). I compare them to the hypocritical Pharisees in Jesus ‘ day. I was baptized at 14 or 15 and have been out for many years.

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