“Apostate Monthly” magazine

We are taking a short hiatus with our magazine “Apostate Monthly” but promise to be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to pick up a collector’s edition of any of our short-run issues:

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December 2017


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In our premiere issue, we sit down with author and activist Bo Juel, and catch up with what he’s been doing after penning his memoirs, “The Least of God’s Priorities.” We also talk about why we put up monuments, and why we tear them down, and how to make plans for long-term fitness.

“Apostate Monthly” is the only magazine written by, for, and about “apostates” and all those coming out of cults and other abusive religions. More than just personal stories, this magazine provides a wealth of advice for moving on, including tips on how to stay physically healthy, how to build relationships once you’re on the outside, and how to become a real part of the world around you. No matter your religious background, you’re sure to love what’s inside!

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January 2018

january 2018 cover

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Happy New Year! In our second issue of our apota-endeavor, we sit down with ex-Scientologist Janette Allen and get her take on the mysterious church, and hear about her life on the outside.

In this issue we also discuss the hot new fad of minimalism, and why it might be important for ex-culties. We also give you some idea for making this new year aposta-mazing!

In our recurring feature, “Are You In a Cult?”, we talk about a very revealing trait of cult leaders, and also give you some quick advice on how to organize your time.

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February 2018

february 2018 cover 1-12

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In our February issue of Apostate Monthly, we chat with everyone’s favorite ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and aposta-couple, Christian and Katja Gutierrez, to discuss how their love survived after leaving the cult. We also take a close look at one identifying aspect of any cult, when they act like the adult and you’re a child! Our special section on Well-Being talks about the need to create happiness, while we also offer lots of tips for making this Valentine’s Day special. Enjoy!

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March 2018

march cover

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In this issue, we are happy to present the special section, “But Where Do I Go?” For those coming out of cults or any controlling religious situation, this is a question that often plagues them. How do you embrace and respect your religious and spiritual beliefs without dredging up bad memories? How do you get past your former indoctrination if you have questions or doubts about god’s existence altogether? This section explores those questions, and offers advice on how to find your own spiritual and religious balance, whether or not your journey forward includes religion at all.

In this issue, we also discuss the loaded language of cults, why it’s used, and how to spot its influence. Our special guest commentator also talks openly about mistakes he made in leaving his cult, and how you can avoid doing the same!

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April 2018

cover april 2018

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Cult-like, abusive personalities are not just found in religious settings, as the tragic tale of dance student Sharon Stern so demonstrates. Find out more about her story and her family’s work with FACT in this month’s issue.

Also inside, our special guest commentator “Sam Fade” explains the dangers of sexual repression in fundamentalist religions, especially for women.

In our recurring feature, “Are You In a Cult?”, we discuss how cults often use a person’s sins and weaknesses against them.