Flyers and Publications

Telling others the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses or trying to open the eyes of JWs still in the religion can be difficult. These flyers can hopefully help as they are concise, to the point, and use actual quotes from Watchtower literature and other legitimate sources.


Click to open the PDF file: The Shocking Truth About JWs Flyer – PDF

This is what it looks like:

shocking truth about JWs

More flyers and cards to come! Thank you for your support.




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    • Hi Sam, I had a bit of a computer glitch and lost a lot of files including my old flyers. I redid this new one from a hard copy I had tucked away! If someone can translate the flyer again, that would be awesome. Other languages would also be good, especially Spanish. Thanks and sorry for the hiccup.

      • Ok did load one copy in English, I was going to repair some mistakes due to a bad French translations anyway.
        I will send you soon as possible the French translations by this link and you will be able to make a new flyer in French.

        Thank you Isabella

  1. This is a great initiative!! I would love to translate these flyers into Spanish, I can do it as I speak both languages if you’d like me to do so 😀.
    As an actual Bible student (atheist one, with my ideals not shaking for much they try to deceive me, just in for employment reasons) , I think it would be a great idea to slide these flyers into a bunch of WT magazines I can take from KH and put them into some mailboxes (even on current JWs ones).

  2. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for these. There doesn’t seem to be a link on this page for the “WHAT JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES DON’T KNOW ABOUT JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES” flyer pdf file. Could you possibly add the link?

    Thank you!

    • if you hover the mouse over the image, then right click…then ‘save image’

      from a mobile phone…just press down on the screen, then …’download image’…
      i did that, have them all saved onto my phone, and print them off at a self service photo kiosk…

      been using them… they’re really good…thank you Alexandra

  3. I can’t find the poster on cafepress website. This poster would be very helpful to me as I run into JW’s sitting at their little tables all the time.

  4. Hello,
    Very insterresting work 🙂
    It is the first time I see efforts to share english work in another language. I’m french And I really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks 🙂
    But I wish to correct some errors

    Where Can I send my correction of the french doc ?


  5. It’s that time of year again…close to “Memorial”….so you know what that means, sooooo many more JW’s going door to door to make their “time” before showing their face at the KH. I’m going to put these flyers on my front door. Any face to face interaction with JW’s just gives me a headache these days :/

  6. I enjoy all of the articles you posted Alex. I feel very much at ease to know that I’m not in the wrong, and the shunning and abusive practice must stop now! I’ve been tired of putting up with their crap, and creating this flyer is just the right timing. I can organize something in the near future as long as I find all the right contacts.

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