Watchtower Victims Memorial Day

Tens of thousands of former and current Jehovah’s Witnesses have lost their lives or have sacrificed their family, their health, and their emotional well-being due to the harmful policies of this religion. Some have refused lifesaving medical treatment including blood transfusions and organ transplants, while others are completely shunned by their family for simply leaving the religion, including young ones.

Still others must endure horrific violence on a daily basis, as women are encouraged to stay with abusive men in the hopes of converting them, and child sex assault victims must produce a second witness to their attack before their accusations are heard. Rape victims may face severe shunning for “fornication,” and child abuse in the form of extreme discipline is often encouraged.


July 26, 2014, marked our inaugural Watchtower Victims Memorial Day. On this day, people from around the world left flowers and cards or other small memorials in honor of these victims at local Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and at public parks and other locations. These ones shared their pictures with us on Facebook and poured out their hearts about losing their families and loved ones to this harmful, hateful religion.

For photos and more information about our next special day, please visit the website at, or visit the official Facebook page here.

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Please share with others via the social media plug-ins below. Everyone should have a chance to participate in this special day. Thank you.


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  1. I just found this site today, and am so happy to have found it! I’m a former JW, I’ve been disfellowshipped twice now (GO ME).

    • I am not sure where to ask this question so I hope you don’t mind! I was bought up as a jw and decided not to carry on with this unbelievable lie, I just wondered how many ex jw’s are now atheists? As I am or which of you have become involved in another religion or some sort of faith ? Thanks 🙂

      • A year late, but yes, I think that it’s common to be athiest. Once you work through the followers mentality and only take facts as proof, you begin to question all religion, as they’re rooted in the same beliefs. You could get into shinto Buddhism, there are a lot of nice teaching on how to be emotionally stable, but its mostly a loose belief that you should be a good person. Really, if you need a religion to be a good person, you probably aren’t.

      • I was removed too and almost identified as an atheist, but then I realized they have no answers and allowing them to mold my views in any way is letting them win. I’ll never join an organized religion as I see them ALL as scams. Preachers are not martyrs, they live easy lives pretending to be Jesus, while driving Mercedes and having a special parking spot. They understand nothing beyond how righteous they believe themselves to be. They all use death as a means to scare people into coming back every week. If their is a god, he is not found in any current organized religion, but that doesn’t at all mean a greater power doesn’t exist. Don’t let the self-righteous ruin you into believing what could ne just another lie. The fact is we know nothing, we have yet to 100% figure that out. Maybe a higher power is out there, maybe not. I’ll never identify as an atheist because of JW. They don’t deserve that much credit.

  2. I agree on misspelling. There is no J in Hebrew. It is YHWH/YHVH.
    Please pray for Noel Murphy RIP 25/6/1997, misguided, committed suicide. Was being punished for former disassociation, when he was actually reinstated in another congregation for this and elders did not communicate. Suffered depression which affected his life amd marriage as he attended meetings while being shunnef. Left behind a 1yr old son and a pregnant wife. His daughter suffers not ever having known him.

  3. Thank you for existing. This is so painful and others should be supported. The disfellowshiping its not even a word on spell check. Also your site might want to include the real history of the very name Jehovah its a mis spelling its not even a real name. Tell me more how I can help others. I have been through it all (almost) all with them. A thankful supporter. misty

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