New Leaked Watchtower Document Site, Part One: The Horrific Sexual Crimes Against Children, At The Hands Of Those In Authority

When the website “Mormon Leaks” debuted, it came under fire for revealing many confidential documents that were part of the Mormon religion, and which were typically kept secret from the church’s rank-and-file members. Along with criticisms, however, the site also received a tremendous amount of encouragement to include other religions in its process of revealing confidential materials, especially as those materials related to financial misconduct, corporate policies, and sex abuse allegations.

The founders of Mormon Leaks then launched the website “Faith Leaks.” Fittingly, their first major leak outside the Mormon religion came from Jehovah’s Witnesses.


The Horrific Sexual Crimes Against Children, At the Hands of Those In Authority

Documents immediately uploaded to the site pertain to an allegation of child sex abuse from a congregation in Baltimore, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The investigation into this allegation began in 1999 and continued for a few years.

In one of the letters to the religion’s headquarters, written by the elders investigating this matter, the extent of this abuse is outlined. You can open a copy of the four-page letter here, 1999-11-14-JW-Palmer-Dear_Brothers, but note one highlight as to the abuses being alleged.

According to an unnamed woman, her own father would physically abuse her so much that she took repeated trips to the hospital. Teachers questioned her about the abuse, but her father always made sure he was present during such questioning, and the girl would lie to her teachers, fearing retaliation from her father.

If that extreme physical abuse was not enough, the woman says that her father would  literally tie her to the bed, starting from when she was five years old, in order to prevent her from masturbating, and then would also examine her vagina for signs of her having touched herself. The father even brought the young girl before another elder to accuse the girl of having indulged in this practice, allowing that man to question her about such a delicate matter.

Let me repeat that. She was five years old. Her father accused her, in front of some strange old man, of masturbating.

He would tie her to the bed.

He examined her vagina.

This man was not only an active member of the congregation in good standing while this abuse was occurring, but he was also a ministerial servant; for those unfamiliar with the religion, a ministerial servant is like an elder in training. Ministerial servants do not have as much authority as elders but they are considered to be exemplary in the congregation. They will also have authority over other congregants when no elders are present.

This disgusting, depraved practice speaks volumes as to the nasty filth that was in this man’s mind; yet, he was accepted as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, even to the point of being given this slight position of authority. He went in their preaching work, telling other people that they should join his religion, or risk being killed at Armageddon. He was no doubt given the responsibility of giving presentations to the congregation, and these presentations would include counsel on a wide range of topics.

All that time, he would then go home, beat his little girl, tie that sweet baby to her bed, and rape her under the guise of a horrific, traumatizing, humiliating, hurtful “examination,” and while also accusing her of being the one who was doing something bad.

When people ask why I’m so protective of the child sex abuse victims who are coming out of the Watchtower, when they ask why I’m so fierce and even outright profane in what I do, when they wonder why I have no issue making a person’s life a living hell if they try to manhandle, trounce all over, or even look sideways at those victims, this is why. This is what those children go through every day, these are the flashbacks they have for the rest of their lives.

These are the things I can’t get out of my head, the things I can’t stop, no matter how much work I do, how much I write, how much I drink. These are the victims I’m fighting for, these predators are the people I’m at war with.

These are also the people who are knocking on your door, recruiting for their religion, telling you how to live. I hope the next time one comes around, you’re the one to answer, and not your five-year-old child.

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