JW Victims in the News

Browse through some of the news stories on this page to really understand the damage done to Jehovah’s Witnesses and former Jehovah’s Witnesses because of their hurtful policies. I will try to keep it updated as I can; thank you for your patience.

August 19, 2016: NEWS 5 INVESTIGATES: Sex offender going door-to-door

August 12, 2016: ‘I remember wailing that I wanted my daddy’: Woman tells of her terror after being KIDNAPPED and hidden from her father at age three by her Jehovah’s Witness mother – who later left her in foster care

February 12, 2016: Church elder who sexually abused vulnerable children was invited to speak at first victim’s wedding

January 14, 2016: Abuse allegations in Newfoundland casting a cloud over Jehovah’s Witnesses; “Former church elder, son facing sexual offences; police confirm same complainant in both cases”

December 4, 2015: Lewis found guilty of molesting boy

November 12, 2015: “Highly respected” Jehovah’s Witness caught with child pornography.

October 15, 2015: Jehovah’s Witness jailed for sexual activity with a child; “But pleas for Craig Allen, who was said to have support from the Jehovah’s Witness congregation, not to be jailed cut no ice with a judge at Warwick Crown Court.”

October 11, 2015: ‘Abused by my brother, then shunned by my Jehovah’s Witnesses family after I went to police’

October 9, 2015: Jehovah’s Witness from Hartlepool groomed girl for sex

September 5, 2015: Jehovah’s Witnesses girls molested, police say; Santa Ana man held

July 18, 2015: Man jailed for unlawful sex with 15-year-old girl has five-year sentence cut to 12 months

June 19, 2015: Jehovah’s Witnesses to compensate woman over sex abuse

May 22, 2015: Boy, 7, taken away from his parents after judge rules he has been damaged by his Jehovah’s Witness mother’s religious beliefs; “The young boy had been disruptive in school during lessons touching on Christianity, destroying projects and calling bible stories lies, a court heard.”

April 6, 2015: Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness’ decision to refuse treatment ‘harrowing’ for hospital staff after mother and baby die; “…the 28-year old’s religion forbade her from accepting the blood transfusion she needed to save her life and that of her unborn baby.”

Capture candaceMarch 2, 2015: Jehovah’s Witnesses silencing techniques: as terrifying as child abuse; “…Jonathan had sexually molested another girl in our congregation. The elders knew this and had kept it a secret.”

January 16, 2015: Victim tells of sexual abuse ordeal at hands of stepfather; “POLICE visited the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brighton as Moscrop was a member, but the religious group “declined to give access to their records”, a Sussex Police spokesman said.”

“I used to cry myself to sleep” – victim of former Jehovah’s Witness Barry Furlong speaks out after court ordeal

January 23, 2002: Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation in Othello sued in sex abuse case; “When allegations of misbehavior are taken before the elders, at least two witnesses are required if the accused denies the charge — which is particularly difficult to provide in accusations of sexual abuse.”

Former Jehovah’s Witness Preacher Arrested for Playing Strip Poker With 14-Year-Old Boy

April 15, 2013: An 11-Year-Old Is Suing the Jehovah’s Witnesses; “In 2006, Australia instituted mandatory background checks for those who work with children to ensure they’re not baby touchers or prone to cooking little kids in cauldrons. But apparently, God thinks this law is wrong, at least according to the country’s Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have chosen to follow their savior’s law in lieu of their government’s and refuse to have their members screened.”

December 1, 2014: Jehovah’s Witnesses under fire from former congregants who say child sex abuse was hushed

More Child Victims Sought in Church Usher’s Sex Assault Case

November 21, 2007: The Jehovah’s Witnesses have settled nine lawsuits alleging church policies protected men who sexually abused children for many years.

August 27, 2014: Father tells young daughter not to worry about sexual abuse as ‘Jehovah sees everything and will sort it out,’ court hears

December 22, 2014: Jehovah’s Witness jailed for five years for indecently assaulting young girls; “Jailing Furlong for five years and three months, Recorder Stephen Climie said: “These offences involved, in my judgement, an extreme abuse of trust. You were highly regarded within the local congregation you attended within the Jehovah’s Witness faith.””

December 19, 2104: Mother reveals torment as Jehovah’s Witness is jailed for sexually abusing her daughter; “David Dennis, aged 60, was handed a 12-year prison sentence after admitting 23 counts of indecent assault and sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl, committed over an eight-year period.”

December 10, 2014: Jehovah’s Witness church elder who was jailed for 14 years for eight sex offences fails to get his sentence cut

December 8, 2014: High Court judge forces devout Jehovah’s Witness parents to let their badly burned son have blood transfusion

December 1, 2014: Jehovah’s Witnesses Hit With Another Lawsuit Alleging Child Sexual Abuse; Organization Has Paid Over $13 Million in Damages

November 10, 2014: Husband tells of agony over death of Jehovah’s Witness wife who refused blood transfusion after C-section; “Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to accept blood transfusions because they say blood represents life, and only God is the giver of life. That belief has led to scores of controversies, many of which have ended up before judges.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses Paying Millions in California Sex Abuse Case

Branford Attorney Takes on Sexual Abuse of Children, Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ex-Jehovah’s Witness bled to death after surgery

Take the bad and turn it into good

October 16, 2014: Former Jehovah’s Witness lifts lid on stifling, doom-obsessed religion; “…two powerful forces that control the lives of each of the world’s eight million Jehovah’s Witnesses: a conviction that God will soon destroy “wicked mankind” on a global and bloody scale, (sparing, naturally, just them) and also the unquestioning acceptance of the religion’s New York leadership.”

Teen overcomes violent family upbringing

October 10, 2014: Latest Sex Abuse Suits Target Jehovah’s Witnesses

Teenager fears shunning by Jehovah’s Witnesses kills own baby

Vermont Sisters Sue Jehovah’s Witnesses For Child Sex Abuse

October 2, 2014: Bombshell lawsuits allege ‘insidious child sex abuse epidemic’ and decades of whitewashing inside secretive confines of Jehovah’s Witness church; “Separate suits filed this week in Vermont and Connecticut accuse two ‘ministerial servants’ of molesting several children in the 1980s and 1990s”

September 26, 2014: Jehovah’s Witness sex abuse victims call for organisation to be held accountable; “Victims of sex abuse by a Welsh Jehovah’s Witness call on the church to change its policy of self-policing.”

August 27, 2014: Orange County lawsuit alleges sex abuse by Jehovah’s Witness leader

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